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The playful as a tool in the teaching of mathematics

Abstract This work was developed based on bibliographical, exploratory, theoretical and qualitative research. Its main objective is to analyze and reflect on the importance of working with the ludic in the teaching of mathematics, emphasizing mainly the contributions found in this process, reinforcing that the ludic can and should be a positive tool in the teaching of mathematics.
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The distribution of prime numbers and Eratosthenes sieve

We know that there is an infinite number of prime numbers and that every nonzero integer expresses itself as a product of prime numbers. The number 12 is expressed as 2 2 .3, the product of cousins ​​2, 2, and 3. How can we tell if a number is prime? Is there an algorithm, that is, a process with a finite number of steps to decide if a number is prime or compound like 12?
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