The quotient and the unknown

"To so many sheets of the math book,
One quotient fell madly in love with an unknown one day.
He looked at her with his countless gaze and saw her from apex to base.
An odd figure rhomboid eyes, trapezoid mouth,
orthogonal body, spheroid sinuses. It made his life parallel to hers until they met at infinity.
"Who are you?" he asked with radical eagerness.
"I am the sum of the collared squares,
but you can call me hypotenuse. "
And from talking they found that they were what, in arithmetic,
corresponds to soul sisters, cousins ​​among themselves.
And so they loved the square of the speed of light.
in a sixth potentiation tracing the taste of the moment and the passion straight,
sine curves, circles and lines.
In the gardens of the fourth dimension,
scandalized the orthodox of Euclidean formulas
and the exegetes of the finite universe.
They broke Newtonian and Pythagorean conventions and finally
decided to get married, to make a home more than a home,
one perpendicular.
The godparents invited:
the polyhedron and the bisector, and made the plans, equations and diagrams for the future,
dreaming of an integral and differential happiness.
And they got married and had a secant and three very cute cones
and they were happy until that day when everything finally became monotony.
It was then that the greatest common divisor emerged,
goer of vicious concentric circles,
offered him,
to her an absolute greatness and reduced it to a common denominator.
He quotient realized that with her he no longer formed a whole, a unit.
It was the so-called love triangle of this problem,
he was the most ordinary fraction.
But it was then that Einstein discovered relativity
and all that was spurious became morality,
as in any society… "

Millôr Fernandes