Equating love

Considering the following statement:

Love is the product of a man with a woman.

Calling me (the man) The and you (the woman) of Bwe have:

love = a * b

Now if we add the second potency of man to the second potency of woman and the love of each one we form the perfect square trinomial:

a * a + 2 * a * b + b * b

However, if we extract the square root of this equation, only you and I will be left. a + b, because (a + b) * (a + b) = a * a + 2 * a * b + b * b.

Now I ask: Where's the love? Does it not exist? The answer is this: Love exists, but we cannot see it because it is in our hearts. I love you so much, even if you do not realize, it does not mean that this love does not exist.

Renato Bezerra Kato