The trigonometry

Tell me my buddy, tell me my buddy
Where trigonometry starts
That even the name is complicated
It shouldn't be that easy no
It starts in triangle, not acute or obtuse
It is in the right triangle.

And this triangle has a scheme
To solve any problem
Pythagoras is the theorem…
"The squared measure of the larger side called the hypotenuse
Equals the sum of the square of the smaller sides
Who doesn't know learn
Who knows already uses.

The sine of x is the opposite collet
about hypotenuse
The cosine of x is the adjacent collet on the hypotenuse.
And what is the tangent?
It is the opposite collet over the adjacent…
And then come to the circle
learn from us…
Secant, cosecant and the cotangent
And learn math in a different way…

Reinaldo Pardal (Antonina - PR)