Natural Numbers and Their Operations

Starting with zero and moving on
1,2,3 and so on
We have the Natural Numbers Set
It has no end, it is infinite certainly.

In this set, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
There are four fundamental operations
Not stop there, the potentiation and the root
They are also usual operations.

In addition we will add the plots
A sum or total find
In subtraction one part of another take
Only difference or rest will be left.

In the multiplication factors we will multiply
The product result call
While in division we will divide to share
Dividend, divisor, quotient and rest to consider.

In potentiation we have base and exponent
The base is the term that stays repeatedly
Multiplying by himself constantly
How many times indicates the exponent.

In root we have radical, index and rooting
It is the inverse operation of potentiation as I am thinking
So to a root "not to be papecando"
Look for a number that indexes to "give root".

Waldex santos