Math is exact magic
It is a pedal for construction
The thought is forming
What slips by the hands.

If I bother counting on my fingers,
I do the sum on any paper.
Igniting the numbers in the mind-panel
If in some cases
I hand subtraction
I cover this view: it is the sum against the hand.

In multiplication the mind intensifies
Be very careful not to dance on the track.
The magic of doubling and allowing a lot to add up at once.
It's nice to establish a relationship with so much progress,
Because, contrary to the mathematics of multiplication,
I find the inside out, the division.

It's always a two-way street
In one shot we make a great goal
Ball in the pool pocket
The table plane contains the geometry base:
Table corners form right angles
The sides are straight straight
And with these ideas of exact magic
The universe is formed.

Oak Leudo