The numbers

My friends tonight
I had a hallucination
I dreamed a lot of "number"
invading my backwoods
I saw so much coincidence
that I made this song

Talk about number one
it doesn't take much study
only marry once
it was one god who created everything
one life only lives
only one over all

Between two man fight
for different things
good and evil, love and war
black and white, animal and people
rich and poor, light and dark
night and day, body and mind

And the four is important
four points "cardinal"
four seasons of the year
four feet have the animal
four legs have the table
four days the carnival

Seven days of the week
seven musical notes
seven colors the rainbow
of the divine regions
and if you paint both the seven
I can't take it anymore

And just thinking about twelve
I then almost give up
twelve months of the year
twelve the apostles of Christ
twelve o'clock is noon
have said and seen

I spoke of so many numbers
maybe I forgot some
but the things i said
there are not very common
who sober who tells another
or run out of any.

Author: Raul Seixas
Adaptation: Erisvaldo Ferreira Silva