The Eight Times Table

Now it's time to tell.
And on the multiplication table of eight
All take off.
If you can
Soon you will hear
So much to repeat.

Eight times one equals eight (8x1 = 8)
And there's nothing cookie.
Eight times two equals sixteen (8x2 = 16)
If need be
I'll tell you again.

Eight times five equals forty (8x5 = 40)
It's in the middle of eighty.
Eight times six, forty eight (8x6 = 48)
Eight times seven, fifty six (8x7 = 56)
Eight times eight, sixty-four (8x8 = 64)
I spent the night looking for my shoe.

Now pay attention
The multiplication table must end
No correction.
Eight times nine equals seventy-two (8x9 = 72)
Eight times ten eighty (8x10 = 80)
And see if you don't make it up.
Multiplying is a thing
Of smart people,
That tries.

Jose Carlos