Numbers and Mysteries

I present here
ten symbols which combined in ways
and different quantities build a multitude of values.
Much more than quantities
they represent the essence
and man's relationship with the world.
a - It is the first manifestation of origin,
represents the first phase of anything,
is the number of elements of a unit set
and just manifests nothing.
Two - It's the second phase
complements the one.
It's the only even number that's prime
and it's with this couple, couple,
that begins an existence for us.
Three - It's divine,
symbolizes perfection, mystery.
It's the past, the present and the future,
the triangle has three sides,
is the amount of “People”
of the Holy Trinity.
This is what we see:
all in three dimensions.
Four - It's the balance, the stability.
Most animals walk on four legs,
there are four phases of the moon,
the seasons, the cardinal points,
the elements of nature,
the kingdoms and states of matter.
Five - It is the symbol of humanity.
There are four elements plus one: the light.
Without the light nothing is constituted.
There are five organic functions,
the senses, the psyche.
We can represent it with the Pentagram,
five pointed star,
that for the Pythagoreans,
symbolizes the harmony between body and soul.
There are five wounds of Jesus
and the qualities of a perfect man.
Six - Represents the perfecting principles in the nature of beings.
Is the number of faces in a cube -
regular polyhedron and the amount of Star of David tips -
Perfection, Perception, Perseverance,
Patience, Readiness and Prudence.
Seven - It's the vibratory nature of the universe.
There are seven musical notes, the colors of the rainbow,
the deadly sins,
seven wonders of the world
and the time it took creation.
Eight - It is the direction, the Love and the Friendship.
It is the cube of two.
It binds the nature of the universe,
the seven, with the life of man, the nine.
Nine - It is the manifestation of life.
Time, in months, of a woman's gestation.
It is the perfect square of three
and the most valuable digit.
And finally, the zero -
representation of the absolute void,
that gets very snowy
when they say he is nothing.
Without him, we would not build
our numbering system.
For him, every number is zero
before infinity.
To me, we are nothing,
before the mysteries of numbers, mathematics.

Daniele Passagli Barbosa