The string of mathematics

Know a little history
That now we will tell
The math came up
From antiquity here.

The Creation of Mathematics
Gave up the need
From the struggle of all the people
From the beginning of humanity.

From natural numbers
Zero is lower value
Unlike the others
It is the only one without a predecessor.

In the nine-out test
Not to be trusted
Take the real test
For sure to arrive.

If geo means earth
Metria is the measure
The word geometry
It is well defined.
And it ends like this:

When teaching math
Be fair and sincere
Show it is impossible
A division by zero.

A fraternal hug to all
Believe this truth
In the world of math
There is no difficulty.

Original Publication: Teresina Municipal Secretariat of Education and Culture, PI
Authors: Francisco José Andrade de Melo and Jesus de Moraes Cunha