Mathematically solved

To reach a goal,
Keep in mind a goal.
Do not hesitate in curves
Always follow in a straight line.

Before charting your way
Analyze all angles
For in a split second
You can see yourself

To solve a problem, here's the
x of the question
Try to be quotient, not always
You will be right

Never try to split,
Neither multiply
Remember, you're odd, not even.

In a few moments you will be radical,
Rising squared
Finding the one.
You are not a power
Try to be rational
At a certain point in your life,
You will want to stop.
Never give up on your plan,
Keep dreaming

Life is an unknown
Hard to understand
It looks like mathematics, although exact
Not easy to solve

But if you really want victory to achieve
Pay close attention to the formula I will give you

There are determining factors
That you need to know
One of them is knowing how to calculate
You can not forget

To divide problems is to halve them
This tip fits any age
After all;
The result will be relative if you add positive factors.
And subtract the negatives.

Submitted by Aurea E.R.G. Teles