The square in love

One day the square madly fell in love with the rectangle
But the two could not be together
Because in this love there was a negative quotient
Which didn't let them both think positive.
So you had a great idea
They decided to add the joy
Decrease sadness
And share your dreams
To make your life an equation
The two decided to live together
Even with their differences
They decided to change their forms
In order to be equal to two unknowns
They met two friends
The bisector and the hypotenuse
What left them both with absolute joy
They were very happy in their life.
But they don't expect them to find ahead
The parenthesis bringing a gift
So the square and the rectangle decided to get married
The power, being put in, was the first to invite
Along with her, the natural numbers were invited,
The even and odd, the rational numbers
Even the bracket displayed has been called so as not to complain
Leaving the wedding, everyone left for the party
The square root didn't go, but the others didn't care
On the other hand, the peccary to enter the party
He had to say he was related.
With the party over, everyone left
Just straight and half straight
To wish you well
To the new couple of unknowns.

Laira and Juliana - 8th graders