Unreasonable, square or squared

One day I was told it should be rational,
Then in math class I was thinking…
If I must be rational why study irrational equations?
Well, it's a terrifying and unthinking thing!
My God, what a contradiction these people we call society!

After studying so much I realized that this name came in handy,
Simply because there is a square root that has a variable
or unknown if you prefer…
Once I found that out, I realized I was getting high,
For besides the square root it was necessary to tidy up the house…
Something I've always hated, how many beatings I washed from my poor fighting mother
Due to my omission in the housework.

Once again I can't see myself with so many improper comparisons, tidying up the house would be to put everything that is out of the root for one member and the elements that are inside the root for the other member, so squaring I can eliminate the devil from the root! And then I will solve either an equation of the first degree or an equation of the second degree, saint Bháskara who says so!

Already in the square I liked because, I thought immediately that Corinthians was double champion…
One more blunder of mine, this is nothing but a double root count,
My goodness! I don't even know how to calculate the roots of the 2nd degree imagine the 4th degree?
Now to paraphrase my dear and unforgettable cartoon Lippy & Hardy:
- Oh gosh! Oh life!
A moment of outburst !!!

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Author: Fabiana Vieira