Drawing instruments, figures and geometric shapes.

Mathematics and Geometry
intrinsic relationship
In figures, shapes and bodies
By logic and deduction
With drawing instruments
With notebook and pencil in hand

Risk to mention
Rubber and brackets
The protractor, ruler and paper
And the compass circles
Trace angles with a line
Not to lose the step

Is defined DESIGN
As the "graphic expression of the form"
In everyday things
Where the world changes
For what we can see
It has geometry in its form

In the drawing respects
Measure and proportion
In ancient Egypt originates
Geometry and its expression
"Measure of the Earth" for farmers
To do the planting

Sesostris is Pharaoh
What made this division
Using geometry
For its demarcation
Good Lands on the Nile River
It expanded to the expression

Are the dimensions dimensional
In some cases it has a thickness
The line is long
The PLAN is the width
But if you have three dimensions
That's VOLUME! It has height!

The dimensions are endless
In Geometric Design
They are "limitless extensions"
Geometric Space
What form figures and shapes
Loved by Geometric

These concepts are loved
That has no definition
By comparative models
Search to the explanation
Point, Line, Plane and Straight
In the context

Two lines intersect when
Or when the pencil touches the paper
Expressed the point being
A dot on the paper
Uppercase or digits
It's your faithful representation

The displacement of a point
Present in space
Is a line
On paper makes up a trace
A single dimension
A trace in space (paper)

On the surface of a lake
Or the lid of a table
Extended to infinity
Have a plan! What a surprise!
Greek letter represents
The infinite! At the lake, at the tableā€¦

Straight is special
In its application range
Collinear and Consecutive segments
And position Semirreta
They can vary numerous things
Minus the direction

It is to the Straight
As a lowercase
In endless directions
Without using uppercase
The point moves infinitely

In a single point
They spend endless straight
But in two distinct points
Passes just a Straight
Plans also are infinite
In a single Straight

Semirreta is the point of displacement
Without varying the direction
A point is the origin
The other immensity
Semirretas a point
Arise from the division

Straight Segment
Don't make anyone dizzy
The portion of a straight
Limited by two points
What limits are the ends
A B C D! This I tell you!

Collinear segments
Ends do not match
Different from Consecutive
That focus and coincide
Vertical or Horizontal
That the segments express themselves

Coplanar lines belong to the Point
No need to cross
Already in the Straight Competition
Intersect without hugging
Common and non-common points
In the art of imagining!

Romario Lima