Proportional Greatness Exercises

1) A prize of R $ 600,000 will be split between the bingo hitters. Look at the table and answer:

Number of hitters Premium
3 $ 200,000
4 R $ 150,000.00

a) What is the ratio between the number of hitters of the $ 200,000 prize to the $ 150,000 prize?

b) What is the ratio between the awards in the table above, considering 3 hit and 4 hit?

c) Are the number of hitters and prizes directly or inversely proportional?

2) Tell if it is directly or inversely proportional:

a) Number of people at a barbecue and the amount (grams) each person can consume.

(b) The area of ​​a rectangle and its length, the width being constant.

c) Number of errors in a test and the grade obtained.

d) Number of workers and the time required for them to build a house.

e) Amount of food and the number of days a castaway can survive.

3) The numbers x, y and 32 are directly proportional to the numbers 40, 72, 128. Determine the numbers x and y.

4) Knowing that a, b, c and 120 are directly proportional to the numbers 180, 120, 200 and 480, determine the numbers a b and ç.