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Trigonometric Reasons Exercises

a) In the right triangle of the figure below, determine the measurements of x and y indicated (Use: sin 65 ° = 0.91; cos 65 ° = 0.42; tg 65 ° = 2.14)

b) Considering the right triangle ABC of the figure, determine the measures a and b indicated. (Sen 60 ° = 0.866)

c) It is known that in an isosceles right triangle each congruent side measures 30 cm. Determine the measure of the hypotenuse of this triangle.

In the triangles of the figures below, calculate tg Â, tg Ê, tg Ô:


g) Knowing that the right triangle of the figure below is isosceles, what are the values ​​of tg  and tg Ê?

h) Find the measurement RA knowing that tg  = 3.

Find x and y: