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The derivative of a function y = f (x) at one point x = x0, is equal to the value of the trigonometric tangent of the angle formed by the geometric tangent to the representative curve of y = f (x)at the point x = x0, ie the derivative is the angular coefficient of the line tangent to the graph of the function at the point x0.

The derivative of a function y = f (x) can also be represented by the symbols:
y ', dy / dx or f '(x).

The derivative of a function f (x) at point x0 is given by:

Some basic derivatives

In the formulas below, u and v are functions of the variable x.

The, B, ç and no are constant.

Derived from a constant

Power derivative


Sum / Subtraction

Product for a constant

Product Derivative

Division derivative

Power of a function

Derived from a compound function

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