Mathematical Curiosities (page 3)

Who invented the Bhaskara formula?

Origin of plus and minus signs

Mathematical Pope

Who is your idol?

National Mathematics Day

Origin of relation signs (=,)

A strange prime number

Origin of the word calculation

Mathematics in the cinema

The origin of the matrix name

What are nice numbers?

Old Fashioned Subtraction

Origin of the word sine

Did Pascal invent Pascal's triangle?

Pascal and the programming language

Mathematical Revolution - Differential and Integral Calculus

Who invented trigonometry?

Why do prime numbers have this name?

Tragic death of some mathematicians

Hitler and the Beast Number

Math and earthquakes in Japan

Gentle multiplication

Brazil of 100 people

Early Mathematicians

Hilbert Hotel

Pope John Paul II and the number 13

Why are antennas satellite dishes?

What are disabled numbers?

The two inverse operations of potentiation

June with 1 second longer

The 3 foot chairs

The humans and the numbers