Mathematical curiosities

Mathematics has many curious facts in store for us. In this section, we present over 100 curiosities, ranging from strange names to interesting situations about certain content. Have fun and learn!

What are friendly numbers?

The largest prime number of Fermat

How many decimal places of the number Pi are known?

What is the largest known prime number?

Largest pair of known twin cousins

What is a capicua number?

Another way to calculate powers

The magic number

A curiosity with three-digit numbers

What are triangular numbers?

What are cyclic numbers?

What does the number Pi represent?

What are Mersenne numbers?

What are Pythagorean numbers?

What are transcendent numbers?

What are ascending numbers?

Perfect squares and their roots

Curiosity with Triangular Numbers

How much is a cent worth?

Integer Squares

What are regular numbers?

Sum Sum Square

The fabulous # 142857

The number 12345679

Historical Date: 02/20/2002

The numbers gugol and gugolplex

Flipping and subtracting

The PHI Number

Getting a perfect square

Number Two and the Sayings

What is Sudoku?

Why is a suit called a suit?

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