Mathematical Curiosities (page 4)

Solve and earn $ 1,000,000 (one million dollars)

How to quantify people at public events

Centralized hexagonal numbers

Rubin's Vase

The curious spiral of prime numbers

The incredible repetition of number 6174

Accumulating R $ 5 million in 30 days

Mathematical watches

Calculating the Number of Christmas Tree Ornaments

What is the Fields Medal?

The dash in the middle of seven

The 100 Trillion Dollar Bill

Throwing a coin 26 times

The curious prime number 193,939

What is an enupla?

10 Interesting Facts About Pi

The man who memorized over 100,000 decimal places in Pi

What is scale?

Goldbach conjecture

Byte, kB, MB and GB drives

The mathematician burned for "witchcraft"

Two very interesting sums

Poincaré Conjecture

How to win at Mega-Seine

How to win in Lotofácil

How are the Mega-Sena odds calculated?

English units of measure


Foot (unit of measure)

Yard (unit of measure)

Mile (unit of measure)