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User Stories (Part 2)

Gustavo Henrique Caixeta
I hated math…

Maria Cristina Baroni
Learn to love Math

Luiz Henrique dos Santos Martins
Overcoming the difficulties

Adriano Fernandes dos Santos
Unhappy in words

Rafael Henrique Castanheira de Souza
The Importance of Mathematics

Juliana Ganem
It is by giving that one receives

Luciani Sorrentino Ramos
I hated math and she hated me too…

Jesus Mauro Vieira de Oliveira
I took the test in 5 minutes!

Sandra Aparecida Borbalan Gravino
Fighting for the goals

Nelson José Silva
Think me?

Michella Hildebrand
Mathematics in Practice

Veridiana Falcon
My view of mathematics

Altair de Jesus Ferreira
I ran away from math class…

Aldemiro Hipolito da Silva
Teacher's Tips

Sandro schon
My mother enrolled me in the entrance exam without telling me…

Nilza Silvano Souza Barreto
I missed the chance of my life…

Paulo Amorim
From Medicine to Mathematics

Andressa Tarakdjian
Math is a box of surprises…

Flavio Okuno
I even cried for not being able to solve…

José Luiz Nascimento
Just wanted to know how to play Iron Maden style metal…

Anderson Rodrigues Ferreira
Math: The Seven Headed Critter

Wilson Cecilio
The arrogant teacher…

The story of a deaf boy

Emanuel da Costa Vargas Shoes
Expression with relatives and brackets

Luiza Machado Ramos
See mathematics with "other eyes"…

Jamile Abud
Experimental classes

Viviane Moraes Silva
The teacher's methodology

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