High School (page 2)


Definition, degree of a polynomial, numerical value
Root of a polynomial
Identical Polynomials
Polynomial Operations
Polynomial division
Rest theorem and D'Alembert's theorem
Division of a polynomial by (x-a) (x-b)
Briot-Ruffini Device
Successive Divisions
Polynomial equations
Multiplicity of a root
Zero, complex and rational roots
Girard Relations

Notable products

Exercises solved and commented


Arithmetic Progression
Formula of the general term of a PA
Sum of the n terms of a PA
Geometric progression
Sum of the first n terms of a PG
Sum of the terms of an infinite PG


File with trigonometry formulas

Exponential function

Material for the study of exponential function

Logarithmic function

Material for the study of logarithmic function Continues after advertising

Modular function

Modular Function Study Material

Numerical sets

Material about numeric sets

Newton's Binomial

Binomial Coefficients
Pascal's Triangle
Pascal Triangle Properties
Development Formula
General Term Formula

1st degree function or related function

Zero or Function Root
Increasing or decreasing function
Function Signal