Elementary School (page 2)

Rule of three

Three simple rule
Compound Three Rule

Periodic Tithes

Periodic Tithes
Generator of a periodic tithe


Percentage and centesimal ratio
Multiplication factor

Flat geometry

Areas of the flat figures

Surface measurements

Introduction, Surface and Area, Square Meter
Unit Transformation

Volume measurements

Introduction, Cubic Meter
Unit Transformation

Capacity measurements

Introduction, capacity and liter
Unit Transformation Continues after advertising

Mass measurements

Introduction, Kilogram
Mass measurement reading
Unit Transformation

Time measurements

Introduction, Second, Second Multiples
Other units of measure

Length measurements

Decimal metric system, meter
Reading length measurements
Unit Transformation
Polygon perimeter
Circumference Length

2nd degree equations

What is a 2nd degree equation?
Roots of a 2nd degree equation
Solving Incomplete Equations
Resolution of complete equations
Literal equations
Relations between coefficients and roots
Composition of a 2nd degree equation
Factored form
Beamed Equations
Solving a Balanced Equation
Composition of the equation
Irrational equations
Systems of equations of the 2nd degree
High School Problems
Another examples