Elementary School (page 3)

Decimal numbers

Decimal numbering
Decimal fractions
Reading decimal numbers
Transformation of decimal numbers to decimal fractions and vice versa
Equivalent Decimals, Decimal Comparison


Simple arithmetic mean
Weighted average

Rational numbers

What is a rational number?
Set of rational numbers and their subsets
Operations with rational numbers


Times table from 1 to 10
Table of Arabic, Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers

Trigonometric reasons

Chicks and hypotenuse
Sine and Cosine
The trigonometric ratios of 30º, 45º and 60º

Polygon Similarity

Similar Polygons
Polygon similarity properties

Operations with decimal rational numbers

Addition and Subtraction
Exact division
Not exact division
Decimal representation of an ordinary fraction
Potentiation and square root
Numeric expressions Continues after advertising


Definition, elements, concave and convex
Sum of inner angle measurements
Notable Quads - Parallelogram
Rectangle, Rhombus, Square and Trapezoid
Trapezoid rectangle, isosceles and scalene
Properties of parallelograms


The angle and its elements
Null angle and shallow angle
Measurement of an angle
Using the protractor
Angle reading
Issues involving angle measurements
Unit Transformation
Transforming into mixed number
Operations (Addition and Subtraction)
Operations (multiplication and division by natural number)
Congruent angles
Consecutive angles
Adjacent Angles
Bisector of an angle
Acute, obtuse and right angle
Complementary Angles
Supplementary Angles
Angles opposite by vertex