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Mathematical phrases

These are some famous phrases involving mathematics:

Happy are those who have fun with problems that educate the soul and elevate the spirit. (Fenelon)

Over time many men have achieved the ecstasy of creation. These men are called MATHEMATICS.

Geometry is a science of all possible kinds of spaces. (Kant)

Mathematics presents inventions so subtle that they can serve not only to satisfy the curious but also to help the arts and save men work. (Descartes)

Space is the object that the geometer must study. (Poincaré)

Mathematics is like a coffee grinder that admirably grinds what it gives you to grind, but returns nothing but what you gave it. (Faraday)

The sky must necessarily be spherical, for the sphere, being generated by the rotation of the circle, is the most perfect of all bodies. (Aristotle)

Numbers rule the world. (Plato)

The notion of infinity, that a mystery must be made in mathematics, boils down to the following principle: after each integer there is always another. (J. Tannery)

Without the resources of mathematics we could not understand many passages of Holy Scripture. (St. Augustine)

Mathematics has a wonderful force that can make us understand many mysteries of our faith. (Saint Jerome)

Without mathematics, there could be no astronomy; Without the wonderful resources of astronomy, navigation would be completely impossible. And navigation was the ultimate factor in the progress of humanity. (Amoroso Costa)

Geometry allows us to acquire the habit of reasoning, and this habit can then be employed in the search for truth and to help us in life. (Jacques Bernoulli)

Between two equal spirits, placed under the same conditions, the one who knows geometry is superior to the other and acquires a special vigor. (Pascal)

Mathematics is the honor of the human spirit. (Leibniz)

Mathematical questions do not understand uncertainty or doubt, nor can distinctions be drawn between medium truths and higher truths. (Hilbert)

The + and - signs modify the amount before which they are placed as the adjective modifies the noun. (Cauchy)

Numbers are the rules of beings and mathematics is the regulation of the world. (F. Gomes Teixeira)

Zero, that's nothing that's all. (Laisant)

The book of nature was written exclusively with figures and mathematical symbols. (Galileo)

A mathematical truth is neither simple nor complicated in itself. It's a truth. (Emile Lemoine)