Mathematical Phrases (Part 2)

The great architect of the universe is beginning to look like a pure mathematician. (James Jeans)

God is the omnipotent geometer for whom the world is a huge mathematical problem. (Leibniz)

The simplest concepts are the most abstract. (Ostwald)

The ladder of Wisdom has steps made of numbers. (Blavatsky)

In mathematics, if experience does not intervene after the first step is taken, it is no longer accurate. (Bridges of Miranda)

In mathematics, to taste the fruit with pleasure one must know its roots well.

Mathematics, when we understand it well, has not only the truth but the supreme beauty as well. (Bertrand Russell)

If A is success then it is equal to X plus Y plus Z. Work is X; Y is leisure; and Z is keeping your mouth shut. (Albert Einstein)

Music is an unconscious exercise in calculations. (Leibniz)

There is a true parallelism between social progress and mathematical activity; socially backward countries are those where mathematical activity is null or almost nil. (Jacques Chapellon)

Never be a true mathematician who is not a bit of a poet. (Karl Weierstrass)

There is no branch of mathematics, however abstract it may be, that cannot one day be applied to real-world phenomena. (Lobachevsky)

In most sciences, one generation downplays what the other has built, and what the other has set the other undo. Only in mathematics does each generation build a new floor on the old structure. (Hermann Hankel)

Mathematics are by no means formulas, just as music are not notes. (Y Jurquim)

Taking mathematics from the beginning of the world until Newton's time, what he did is by far the best half. (Leibniz)

Mathematics is the queen of science and number theory is the queen of mathematics. (Gauss)

A problem worth attacking proves its worth by counterattacking. (Piet Hein)

I would willingly die burned like Phaeton, if it were the price to pay to reach the sun and know its shape, size and substance. (Child Eudox)

Algebra is generous: it often gives more than was asked. (Jean Le Rond d'Alembert)

The abandonment of mathematics brings harm to all knowledge, for he who ignores it cannot know the other sciences or the things of the world. (Roger Bacon)

Bees, by virtue of a certain geometric intuition, know that the hexagon is larger than the square and the triangle, and will contain more honey with the same expense of material. (Alexandria Papus)