Mathematical Phrases (part 3)

Mathematics is the simplest, the most perfect and the oldest of all sciences. (Jacques Hadarmard)

A good teaching of mathematics forms better thinking habits and enables the individual to make better use of his intelligence. (Irene de Albuquerque)

He who wishes to study or practice magic must cultivate mathematics. (Matila Ghyka)

Mathematics is a powerful and beautiful science; at the same time it questions the divine harmony of the universe and the greatness of the human spirit. (F. Gomes Teixeira)

Mathematics - the unshakable foundation of science and the abundant Source of Progress in human affairs. (Barrow)

But there is another reason that explains the high reputation of mathematics, because it takes the exact natural sciences a certain proportion of security that without them these sciences could not obtain. (Albert Einstein)

One geometry cannot be truer than another; it might just be more comfortable. (Poincaré)

For Tales… the overriding question was not what we know, but how we know it. (Aristotle)

As far as science is concerned, the authority of a thousand people is not worth the simple reasoning of just one individual. (Galileo)

Archimedes will be remembered while Aeschylus was forgotten, because languages ​​die but mathematical ideas remain. "Immortality" may be a foolish idea, but probably a mathematician has the best chance of getting it. (G.H.Hardy)

What am I going to worry about in heaven for all eternity if you don't give me a multitude of math problems to solve? (Augustin Louis Cauchy)

I heard that the government would charge higher taxes on the ignorant in mathematics. Funny! I thought the lottery was just that! (Gallagher)

To create a philosophy you only have to give up metaphysics and become just a good mathematician. (Bertrand Russell)

It is not paradoxical to say that in our most theoretical moments we can be closer to our most practical applications. (A.N. Whitehead)

Pride in the craft compels mathematicians of a generation to extricate themselves from the unfinished work of their predecessors. (E. T. Bell)

Nature is written in mathematical language. (Galileo)

All scientific education that does not begin with mathematics is, of course, imperfect at its base. (Auguste Conte)

All my physics is a geometry. (Descartes)

The laws of nature are nothing but mathematical thoughts of God. (Kepler)

Mathematics is the most wonderful instrument created by man's genius for the discovery of truth. (Laisant)

With bees or without bees, the interesting problems of mathematics have, for the researcher, the sweetness of honey. (Ary Quintela)

It is the simplest hypotheses that we should be most suspicious, because they are those that are most likely to go unnoticed. (Poincaré)