Mathematical games

Games are great allies in the teaching of mathematics, as they allow students to practice content interactively, as well as provide the development of reasoning.

Check out our online games below. Also check out our CD or download games.

MATH QUIZ Worth 10 points each question! Test your math skills in a fun and interactive way. Unscramble the puzzle Analyze a picture and two sentences to unravel the puzzle. FORCA Guess words related to Mathematics. HANOI TOWER Move the discs to the last stake. SOKOBAN (requires Flash Player) Help the stapler to place the pointers in place. WHAT IS THE MATH? Read the tips and try to find out which mathematician is in question. WHAT IS WHAT IT IS? Find the word math according to the tips. Word Search An amazing mathematical word search generator! CROSS WORDS Fill in the blanks as requested. CONTAINERS (requires Flash Player) Try to fill a container with the requested number of liters. MATH DOMINO (to print) Our domino generator creates millions of different games. The file can be printed in PDF format.

Other games that contain games

Logical thinking games
The Logic Games CD contains a variety of reasoning games, such as Hanoi Tower, River Crossing, Sokoban, Pentaminó, Password Finder, Sudoku, and more.

Didactic Games for Elementary School
Check out our Didactic Games CD (vol.1), with 34 Flash games.

Want math games for kids?
Check out our Educator CD (1st to 4th grade), which contains several Flash games for kids.
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Want 5th to 8th grade games?
Check out the Educator CD (5th to 8th), which contains several Flash games and suggestions for mathematical activities.
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