Using Laifi as a teaching resource

In the computer age, nothing better than exposing the content to students in a didactic and interactive way, using Laifi.

The tool is free, easy to use and allows teachers to organize their content in a graphical and schematic manner, as if it were a visual encyclopedia.

Here are some examples of didactic Laifis:

Laifi on Numeric Sets

Laifi on Orthographic Reform

Laifi on the Presidents and Rulers of Brazil

How To Create Your Laifis

Sign in Then enter the site and click on "New Laifi". A window will open for you to enter the subject of your Laifi.

Soon after, an empty screen will appear, with only an arrow in the center and a symbol of +. Just click on that + to start registering your images, texts or videos.

After entering the first information, you can continue entering the main line (by clicking on the symbol +), or include branches for the topic you just created. To do this, simply hover over the pencil in the corner of the square and choose "Include."

At any time, you can access the "Edit Laifi" button to change the configuration of this Laifi, register a background image and set who will be able to view it (whether it will be public or restricted).

Important Tips:

Teacher-created Laifis can be presented to students in different ways:

1) at school or college through overhead projector.

2) inviting students to sign up for Laifi (the site offers an option to send invitations in the right column). When sending invitations, students sign up and are automatically added as teacher contacts.

3) providing students with the link to a particular Laifi (Example: // In this case, if the teacher authorizes Laifi's public viewing, students will be able to view it without registering.

Start creating your Laifis and good lessons right now!