Mathematics and numerology

In antiquity, letters received a corresponding numerical value, hence the meaning existing and deciphered in each name.

Numerology was developed by the mathematical Greek Pythagoras which related each number to a universal principle, thus providing a better understanding of human behavior and self-knowledge.

By discovering the meaning of your personal number (formed by the sum of the numbers equivalent to the letters that form your name), it becomes easier to highlight your positive aspects and work to correct and / or mitigate the negative aspects of your personality.

THE numerology It is the study of the meaning of numbers and their influence on people's character and destiny and can help you get to know each other better. Knowing your potentials and weaknesses will make it easier for you to find a balance, contributing to your success and fulfillment in the most diverse plans (loving, professional,…).

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IMPORTANT: The characteristics of the study of personality according to the name of each person cited here are only a sample, a summarized and generalized part of the general character and personality trends of people born under the determined personal numerical vibration.