Mathematical world

Mathematics is everywhere! Through the section Mathematical World You will learn a little more about the usefulness of mathematics in other sciences and professions.


Calculate your body mass index through our program by checking your risk of catching disease. Also check out a table of foods with weights and calories.


O Just Math created a program based on the table created by the mathematician Pythagoras, where you will know what is your personal number, and also its meaning (positives, negatives, love, profession, color, etc.).

Veterinary Medicine

Learn how important mathematical modeling is in veterinary medicine. The text talks about the use of mathematics in genetic research, dosages, heart rate calculations, etc.


Get to know some of the aspects that unite mathematics and music. Learn how the formation of a musical sound or the construction of a scale obeys a series of laws that can be perfectly described by mathematics.

Mathematics and Easter

Mathematician Carl Friedich Gauss developed a method for calculating Easter dates in the Gregorian calendar. See the description of this method here.

Other Professions

Learn about the applications of mathematics in some of the most traditional professions.

Mathematical content applications

See the applications of various mathematical content in our daily lives.

  • Positive and negative numbers
  • Reasons and Proportions
  • Trigonometry
  • Arrays
  • Equations and Inequations

Other texts

  • Mathematics makes a difference (Aldemar Nunes) - 9k
  • Mathematics in the History and Science of Materials (José Benedito Marcomini) - 141k
  • Mathematics Teaching in Business, Engineering and Pharmacy (Antonio Richard Trevisan) - 488k