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Math Laifis

Laifi is a social network for creating tree-organized content, allowing teachers to diversify their classes with their resources.

The tool is free and allows the creation of content in a very didactic way. Check out some Math Laifis.

(part 1)

1st degree polynomial function (8 posts)
Regular Polyhedra - Platonic Solids (15 posts)
Paradoxes (18 posts)
Trigonometry in Cycle (15 posts)
Children's Math Activities (59 posts)
Linear Systems (18 posts)
Sets (18 posts)
ENEM (37 posts)
Rooting (21 posts)
Triangle trigonometry (14 posts)
What is a Geometric Progression? (13 posts)
Mathematics Videos (29 posts)
Complex Numbers (19 posts)
The Four Fours (11 posts)
Mathematical Symbols (29 posts)
Mathematical Logic (24 posts)
Math Symbols (71 posts)
Numeric Ranges (18 posts)
What is an Arithmetic Progression? (10 posts)
What is Function - Definition (19 posts)
Function Charts (11 posts)
Empowerment (19 posts)
Flat Picture Areas (22 posts)
Circumference (28 posts)
Point, Straight, Plane and Space (32 posts)
Angles (20 posts)
Notable Quads (39 posts)
Math Videos (8 posts)
The BBC Mathematics Story (30 posts)

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