Number Two and the Sayings

There are several proverbs that involve the number two. Examples:

"A bird is better than two flying ".
"Warned man is worth for two".
"Kill two birds in one stone ".
"Better a take than two I will give you".
"Two profits do not fit in one bag ".
"Between the two come the devil and choose ".
"Servants and oxen, a year until two".
"It costs more to sustain an addiction than to educate two children".
"Two change amounts to a fire ".
"Two sometimes lost what the ungrateful is conceived ".
"Better one today than two tomorrow".
"Better a foot than two crutches ".
"More worth two legs than three storeys ".
"There is not two highs without a bass in the middle ".
"Two pilots make a boat go to the bottom ".
"Two empty bags do not stand up ".
"Two senses do not bake corn ".
"Two about a donkey, good friend sign ".
"Two weights and two measurements ".