Foot (unit)

You probably already used your feet to measure some distance, right? For know that the human foot was undoubtedly the origin of this English unit of measure, which is equivalent to 30.48 centimeters or 0.3048 meters (or 12 inches). Three feet equals one yard.

At least since ancient Greece, the foot was used as a distance measurement and is now used in countries such as the United States, England and, less frequently, Canada.

Popular belief has it that the 30.48 cm value was the length of a particular man's foot (for some, King Henry I of England), but is unlikely. At least since the twelfth century, most likely the length of a foot was based on the inch.


The international symbol of the foot is ft (which comes from English feet). It may also be denoted by an apostrophe. For example, to represent 5 feet, we use 5 '. To represent 4 feet and 3 inches, we use 4'3 ".

The foot in our daily life

In Brazil, although we do not hear often, foot measurement is used in some sectors. Certainly, when traveling by plane, you may have heard the commander say that the aircraft has reached a certain number of feet in altitude. For example:

If the aircraft is at 35000 feet altitude, this is equivalent to 35000 * 0.3048 = 10668 m

In addition to being widely used in aeronautics, feet measurement is also used on vessels (such as speedboats, boats and ships) to determine their dimensions.

Size of a boat in feet

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