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Challenge Response 159

Little john waiting for bus

Since the bus lines run 24 hours a day, we need to know how many 6-minute breaks there are between 1:46 pm (a bus time passes) and 9:16 am (when Joaozinho will be at the bus stop).

If the number of 6-minute intervals between this period is an integer number of times, then Johnny didn't wait.

Note that between 1:46 pm and 9:16 am there is an interval of 19 hours and 30 minutes which corresponds to 1,170 minutes.

In parallel, 1,170 minutes = 195 x 6 minutes, ie 1,170 minutes is 195 6-minute intervals.

So, when arriving at the stop at 9:16 am, Joaozinho did not have to wait.

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