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Mathematical Dictionary - Letter G

GEOMETRY - The area of ​​mathematics that works with solids, surfaces, lines, points angles and their relationships.

GEOPLAN - A wooden or plastic drawing board composed of nails or metals arranged in a square, allowing the construction of various polygons and deepening a variety of geometric concepts.

GRADIENT - Same as slope, a ramp measurement. It is measured as an angle or as a reason. In the case of a line, we get m = y / x where y it's the "climb" and x the "path" traveled horizontally.

GRAPHIC - A table that allows to represent the data.

BAR GRAPH - A graph where data is represented with vertical or horizontal bands.

LINE GRAPH - A graph formed by a line constructed by connecting line segments, joining the points representing the data.

GRASS - Mass measurement. 1000 grams = 1 kg.

SCALE GREATNESS - One that does not need any information other than its value. Example 7cm, 23kg.

VECTOR GREATNESS - A quantity that, beyond its numerical value, needs to be clearly defined in one direction and one direction.

DEGREE - Angle unit of measure widely used in the early educational levels. It is obtained by dividing the circumference into 360 equal parts, thus obtaining an angle of one degree, and the notation of this measure uses a small º placed as exponent of the number, as 1st.

RASP - Number corresponding to twelve dozen, ie 144 units.

GUGOL - Name given to number 1 followed by 100 zeros.

GUGOLPLEX - Number equivalent to "10 raised to 1 gugol".

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