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Mathematical Dictionary - Letter B

BARRIER OF A TRIANGLE - The three medians of a triangle meet at one point, the baricenter. This point divides each median into two parts such that the part containing the vertex is twice the other. A triangular blade with uniform density has this point as its center of mass.

BASE - Numbering system that indicates how many units are required to change the placement of a digit. The most common is base 10 where each digit is a multiple of 10. (example: 156 = 1 x 100 + 5 x 10 + 6 x 1).

POWER BASE - In powers this is called the number at the bottom and which indicates the value of each factor.

TRIANGLE BASIS - It is convenient to consider one side of the triangle as its base. The distance between the base and the vertex opposite the base is the height of the triangle.

BHASKARA (Bhaskara Akaria, 1114-1185) - Indian mathematician. In Brazil, the 2nd degree resolution formula is known as the Bhaskara Formula; However, it is not correct to attribute to the mathematician such a formula.

BIJETION - Relationship where each element corresponds to one and only one element.

BILLION - 109 = 1000000000. Number 1 followed by 9 zeros.

BINOMIAL - Polynomial consisting of 2 monomials. Ex. 4x³ - 3.

BISSETRIZ - It is the straight line that divides an angle into two congruent angles. In the figure the straight line OM is the bisector of the angle AÔB because the angles AÔM and MÔB are congruent.

BIQUADRADA - Ax equation4 + bx2 + c = 0.

BIUFog - Correspondence of each object to a single object. For example, one person for each ID card.

RECTANGULAR BLOCK It is the geometric shape of various types of boxes such as shoe boxes or toothpaste boxes. Each rectangular block is made up of six rectangle-shaped faces.

LOGIC BLOCKS - Blocks used in didactic activities of classification and graphic grade. Such objects are usually colorful and have distinct shapes.

FATHOM - Old unit of equivalent length to 2.2 meters. In the English system the fathom is 1.8 meters.

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