Mathematical Dictionary - Letter T

TABLET - Table used in the early series containing the fundamental arithmetic operations.

TANGENT - Line or surface that touches another line or surface at a single point without intersections.

TANGRAM - Set of specific graphic pieces that can be put together to assemble geometric figures. Widely used in practical geometry activities.

TRY AND ERROR, KICK - A problem solving strategy where a choice is made to make the result feasible. This is done several times until some conclusion is reached close to the goal of solving the problem.

THEODOLITE - Optical instrument for accurately measuring horizontal angles and vertical angles; widely used in topographic and geodetic works.

THEOREM - Proposition that, to become evident, needs demonstration.

TERM - One of the mathematical objects in an operation.

TETRAHEDRON - A polyhedron with 4 faces. If the tetrahedron is regular, it will have 4 congruent faces, 4 vertices and 6 congruent edges.

TON - (t) Measurement of mass where 1 tonne = 1000 kilograms.

TOTAL - The result of an addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.

TRANSFER - An instrument that serves to measure angles.

TRANSITIVE - On equal terms: if a = b and b = c, then a = c. In inequalities: if a> b and b> c, then a> c or if a <b and b <c, then a <c.

TRANSLATION - Move a figure so that all its points move in the same direction and direction keeping the distances between them. Geometric transformation that respects the characteristics already pointed out.

TRAPEZOID - which is shaped like a trapeze; trapezoidal.

TRIGONOMETRY - Branch of mathematics that studies in the triangle the relations between the measures of the sides and amplitude of the angles.

TRIANGLE - Three-sided polygon.

ACUTANGLE TRIANGLE - all internal angles are sharp, ie angle measurements are less than 90 °.

EASTER TRIANGLE - A way of arranging numbers (in the form of a triangle) where the start and end elements of each line are 1, and the other elements are obtained by summing the preceding element and what follows it in the previous line.

EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE - The three sides have equal measures (see animation below).

SCALENE TRIANGLE - The three sides have different sizes (see animation below).

TRIANGLE ISÓ “SCELES - Two sides have the same size (see animation below).

OBTUSAN TRIANGLE - An internal angle is obtuse, that is, it has an angle greater than 90 °.

RECTANGLE TRIANGLE - It has a right internal angle (90 degrees).

TRINÔ ”MIO - Polynomial with three terms, three monomials.

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