Circular cone

Given a circle Çcontained in a plan , and a point V (vertex) outside of we call circular cone the set of all segments .

Circular Cone Elements

Given the following cone, we consider the following elements:

  • height: distance H from the vertex V to the plan .

  • generator (g): segment with one end at the point V and another at a point in the circumference.

  • base radius: radius R of the circle.

  • rotation axis: straight determined by the center of the circle and the vertex of the cone.

Straight cone

Every cone whose axis of rotation is perpendicular to the base is called straight cone, also called revolution cone. It can be generated by the complete rotation of a right triangle around one of its collars.

From the figure, and from the Pythagorean Theorem, we have the following relation:

g2 = h2 + R2

Meridian section

The section determined in a cone of revolution by a plane containing the axis of rotation is called meridian section.

If the AVB triangle is equilateral, the cone will also be equilateral:

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