Statistics Definitions

Statistics is an exact science that aims to provide the analyst with insights to collect, organize, summarize, analyze and present data. It deals with parameters extracted from the population, such as mean or standard deviation.

Finally, when you talk about statistics, you talk about a science present in every measurable event of everyday life.

She is often so present in routine activities that she is unaware that she is there. For example, in a soccer game, taking the goalkeeper and its neighboring space, there is a normal distribution. Yes, after all throughout the game, goal kicks, tend towards the area delimited and defended by the goalkeeper.

At the end of the game, if there was a quantification of the shots on goal, the shots would be normal (probably between 68% and 99% of the shots for the bottom line would be concentrated in this space). This is just one of countless examples that make statistics more familiar than you think.

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