Periodic Tithes

There are fractions that do not have exact decimal representations. For example:

The decimal numerals in which there is periodic and infinite repetition of one or more digits, is called periodic decimal numerals or periodic tithes.

In a periodic tithe, the infinitely repeating numerals or digits constitute the period of this tithe.

Simple periodic tithes

In periodic tithes simple, the period appears shortly after the comma. See the examples:

(period: 5)

(period: 3)

(period: 12)

Composite Periodic Tithes

In periodic tithes composite, between period and comma there is a non-periodic part. Examples:

Period: 2
Non periodic part: 0

Period: 4
Non-Periodic Period: 15

Period: 23
Non periodic part: 1


We consider non-periodic part of a tithe the term between commas and the period. We therefore exclude from the non-periodic part the integer. We can represent a periodic tithe in the following ways:

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