How Much is a Bridge Piercing

A bridge piercing is a facial piercing that goes through the skin between the eyes, typically just above the nose. The cost of a bridge piercing can vary depending on several factors, such as where you get it done and what type of jewelry you choose. On average, though, most people can expect to pay anywhere from $40-$120 for this kind of piercing.

This price usually includes both the cost of getting pierced and your chosen piece of jewelry. You may also have to pay a service fee or tip in addition to these costs. It’s important to take time researching reputable piercers before deciding where to go so that you know you’re getting quality work done at an affordable rate.

A bridge piercing is a unique and stylish facial piercing that goes through the nasal septum, which is the skin between your eyes. It typically costs around $30-$50 to have a bridge piercing done professionally, depending on where you go and the materials used. The healing time for this type of piercing can be anywhere from 4-16 weeks, so it’s important to take proper care of it during this period.

Bridge Piercing near Me

If you’re looking for a bridge piercing near you, then your search is over! There are many reputable body piercing shops in your area that specialize in this unique nose piercing. Bridge piercings can be found at most tattoo and body art locations, so finding one should not be too difficult.

Before going ahead with the procedure, make sure to check reviews from past customers and inquire about their experience with the shop or artist. With proper care, bridge piercings can last for several years so it’s important to find an experienced professional who knows how to perform quality work.

Bridge Piercing With Glasses

Bridge piercings are a unique type of facial piercing that involves two jewelry pieces placed through the bridge of the nose. While this piercing looks great with glasses, it is important to use caution when wearing them as glasses can rub against the jewelry and cause irritation or infection. If you do choose to wear your glasses with a bridge piercing, make sure that you have an appropriate fitting to ensure that your frames don’t sit too close or press against any areas of your face.

Bridge Piercing Reddit

Bridge piercings, also known as Erl Piercings, are quickly gaining popularity in the world of body modification. Reddit is a great place to find out more about this type of piercing and get advice from experienced body mod enthusiasts. On Reddit, you can ask questions about bridge piercings such as what type of jewelry works best or which piercers specialize in them.

You can also see pictures and stories posted by people who have gotten the piercing and read their experiences with it. There’s even an entire subreddit dedicated to bridge piercing discussion!

How Long Do Bridge Piercings Last

Bridge piercings typically last anywhere from 6 months to a year, depending on how well they are cared for and the individual’s body’s healing abilities. It is important to keep the area clean by washing it twice daily with saline solution or soap and warm water as well as avoiding any contact that may cause irritation or infection. Additionally, having regular checkups with your piercer will help ensure that the piercing is healthy and lasting.

Bridge Piercing Scar Removal

Bridge piercing scar removal is possible with the help of laser treatments, dermabrasion, and other surgical techniques. Laser treatment works to break down the excess collagen of a bridge piercing scar and can be used on any skin type. Dermabrasion is a technique that uses an instrument to sand off the top layer of skin which helps reduce the appearance of scars by smoothing them out.

Finally, surgery may be necessary for more severe cases as it involves cutting away extra tissue or moving existing tissue around in order to reduce a visible scar.

How Much is a Bridge Piercing


How Painful is Bridge Piercing?

Bridge piercing can be quite painful, depending on the individual’s pain tolerance. Bridge piercings are done right between the eyes and involve a needle passing through skin, cartilage, and sometimes even bone. The intensity of the sensation is often described as sharp or burning with some slight pressure involved in it too.

It may feel like you’re getting a headache during the process but that usually passes quickly after it’s over. Some people experience more bruising than others following their bridge piercing so if this concerns you then talk to your piercer beforehand about ways to minimize any discomfort during and after your procedure. Aftercare for bridge piercings requires extra attention because of its location–it’s important to keep this area clean with saline solution or soap-free cleansers multiple times daily for several weeks until fully healed.

In order for bridge piercings to heal properly without infection, they need lots of protection from dirt and bacteria–so make sure you stick to a strict cleaning routine! All in all, while bridge piercing isn’t particularly pleasant at first due to its sensitivity there really isn’t much pain associated with it over time; once healed most people find that they forget they ever got it done!

Are Bridge Piercings Hard to Heal?

Bridge piercings can be a tricky piercing to heal, as the area of skin being pierced is usually quite thin. This means that it is more vulnerable to infection and irritation than other areas and so requires extra care during the healing process. The healing time for bridge piercings typically ranges from two weeks up to four months depending on how carefully you look after your new piercing, so it’s important to take all necessary precautions in order to ensure proper healing.

During the first few days of having your bridge piercing, make sure you keep it clean by gently washing twice daily with a mild soap and warm water solution; also avoid touching or playing with it too much as this could lead to infection. Eating healthy foods rich in vitamins A, C & E will also help boost your body’s ability to heal quickly and effectively. Additionally, using sea salt soaks several times a day are highly recommended when caring for your new bridge piercing; just mix half a teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt into 8 ounces (1 cup) of warm purified water then apply directly over the affected area for 10 minutes at least twice per day while cleaning out any debris present within the wound itself.

Remember: if at any point during or after the healing process you experience redness, swelling or pain around/involving your bridge piercing – seek medical attention immediately!

What are the Risks of Bridge Piercings?

Bridge piercings, also known as Erl piercings, are becoming increasingly popular with body modification enthusiasts. This type of piercing involves placing two barbells into the bridge of the nose, and it is important to be aware of all potential risks before getting one done. Firstly, like any other piercing there is always a risk that bacteria can enter the wound and cause an infection.

It is therefore extremely important to ensure that you visit a professional body piercer who follows strict hygiene protocols when performing these types of procedures. Secondly, due to its location in such close proximity to your eyes there is always a slight risk that complications could arise if not done correctly. If this happens then it could potentially lead to vision problems or even blindness if not treated quickly enough.

Lastly, because bridge piercings involve inserting jewellery into cartilage tissue rather than fleshier areas like ear lobes for example there can sometimes be more pain associated with them during healing time.

Are Bridge Piercings Rare?

Bridge piercings are certainly not as common as standard nose piercings, but that doesn’t make them rare. Bridge piercings have been around for many years and there is a growing interest in obtaining these unique facial adornments. The piercing has increased in popularity over recent years due to its beautiful aesthetics and the fact that it can be personalized with jewelry of different sizes, shapes, and colors.

While there are some challenges associated with bridge piercing such as migration (the movement of the jewelry from its original position), this type of body modification is still relatively easy to find if you do your research and look for experienced professionals who specialize in this procedure. Ultimately, bridge piercings may not be quite as commonplace as other types of body modifications but they’re definitely far from being rare!

The Whole Truth – Bridge Piercing


A bridge piercing is a unique and interesting body modification that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It can be an intimidating procedure for some, as it involves having needles pierced through the cartilage of your nose. However, with proper research into what to expect from the process and finding an experienced piercer, you can have a successful bridge piercing experience.

With its stunning appearance and relatively low cost compared to other types of facial piercings, it’s no wonder why so many people are getting this type of piercing!

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