How Old Was Zechariah When John The Baptist Was Born

Zechariah was around 80 years old when John the Baptist was born. This is according to Luke 1:5-7, which states that Zechariah was an elderly priest and his wife Elizabeth was also advanced in age. The Bible does not give an exact age for either of them but scholars have estimated that they were both likely at least 70 years old when John the Baptist was born.

Therefore it can be assumed that Zechariah would have been approximately 80 years old or older when John the Baptist came into the world.

Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, was an elderly priest in his eighties when John was born. He had been a priest since he was sixteen years old and served faithfully in Jerusalem’s temple throughout his life. As such, it is likely that Zechariah would have been around eighty-four or eighty-five years old when John the Baptist entered the world.

Zechariah and The Birth of John the Baptist – Bible story for kids

At What Age Did Elizabeth Gave Birth to John the Baptist?

At the age of about six months, Elizabeth gave birth to John the Baptist in approximately 5 BC. According to Luke 1:57-80, an angel appeared to Zacharias and told him that his wife would bear a son despite her advanced age. The angel also said that this child was going to be filled with the Holy Spirit from his mother’s womb and will have a special mission as a prophet of the Most High God.

This prophecy was fulfilled when Elizabeth gave birth to John at an old age and he went on to become one of Jesus’ greatest prophets. His miraculous birth was seen as proof that all things are possible with God, no matter what obstacles may stand in our way.

What Happened to Zechariah before John was Born?

Before the birth of John, Zechariah, a priest in the temple at Jerusalem faced an incredible challenge. An angel of God appeared to him with news that his wife Elizabeth would miraculously bear a son—a son who was to be named John and who would become known as “the Baptist.” This was unbelievable news for old Zechariah because he and his aged wife were well beyond childbearing years.

Furthermore, this message from heaven brought more than just joyous tidings; it also demanded faith on Zechariah’s part. The angel warned him not only to believe but also commanded that he speak no word until after the fulfillment of their prophecy when the baby boy should arrive months later. Upon hearing this demand, Zechariah became mute and unable to speak until after John was born into the world some nine months later.

Why Did God Silence Zechariah?

The story of Zechariah forms part of the biblical narrative in the Gospel of Luke. According to scripture, God had promised Zechariah that his elderly wife Elizabeth would bear him a son despite her advanced age. To prove His promise true and to show His faithfulness, an angel appeared before Zechariah and told him that soon he would become a father.

However, when this happened, instead of trusting God for what He had promised, Zechariah questioned the angel’s words and asked for proof. In response to this lack of faith on behalf of Zechariah’s part, God silenced him until after the birth of his son John (John the Baptist). This was done as a way to teach us all an important lesson – never doubt what God has promised!

When we put our trust in Him completely then we can experience blessings beyond measure; but if we question or doubt His promises then it will only lead us away from them. May this be a reminder for us all that no matter how hard something may seem – always trust in what He says because it is always right and good!

How Old was John the Baptist When Elizabeth Died?

John the Baptist was about six months old when Elizabeth, his mother, died. John’s father Zachariah had already passed away before he was born and so John never got to know either of his parents. However, despite this tragic loss of both his parents at a very young age, John grew up to become one of the most influential religious figures in history.

He preached repentance and baptized Jesus Christ in the Jordan River – an act that changed the course of Christianity forever. Even after Elizabeth’s death, her influence still left a lasting impression on her son as he went on to lead a life devoted to serving God and others.

How Old Was Zechariah When John The Baptist Was Born


How Old was Zechariah When He Died

Zechariah, one of the great prophets of Israel, died at the age of ninety-eight. He lived during a time when Judah was under Babylonian captivity and saw many difficult times. As he grew older, Zechariah wrote down his visions which included warnings to his people as well as promises that God would deliver them from their enemies.

His powerful words have been studied by generations since and are still relevant today.

How Old was Elizabeth in the Bible When She Gave Birth

According to the Bible, Elizabeth was in her sixth month of pregnancy when she gave birth. She was most likely between 56 and 57 years old. This makes her one of the oldest women recorded in the Bible to give birth, second only to Sarah who gave birth at 90 years old.

How Old was Zechariah the Father of John the Baptist

Zechariah was an elderly priest living in the city of Jerusalem when he was visited by an angel and told that his wife Elizabeth would bear a son, who later became known as John the Baptist. Zechariah is believed to have been around 80-90 years old at this time.

How Old was Elizabeth When John was Born

John was born to Elizabeth in 1537, making her approximately 22 years old at the time. Elizabeth’s reign as Queen of England began when she was 25, giving her a few more years of youth before taking on the responsibilities that come with being a monarch.

How Old was John the Baptist When Jesus was Born

John the Baptist is believed to have been about 6 months older than Jesus, making him approximately 30 years old when Jesus was born. This is based on an account in Luke 1:36 which states that Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist was six months pregnant before Mary became pregnant with Jesus.

How Old was Zechariah And Elizabeth When They Died

Zechariah and Elizabeth were both quite old when they died. Zechariah was said to have been around 100 years old, while Elizabeth is thought to have lived up to the age of 84. Both had long lives filled with many blessings from God that enabled them to live such a long time in Biblical times.

How Old was Zechariah, the Prophet

Zechariah, the Prophet was around 80 years old when he saw his vision of Gabriel and received the news that he would be a father in his old age. This event took place during the time of King Darius who reigned from 522-486 BC, making Zechariah approximately 600 years before Jesus Christ.

Who Raised John the Baptist

John the Baptist was raised by his parents, Zechariah and Elizabeth. They were both descended from Aaron, making John a priest of God according to Jewish law. Elizabeth had been barren until an angel appeared to her husband Zechariah announcing that they would bear a son who would become the forerunner of the Messiah.

After this announcement, John was born and raised in Judea according to their religious beliefs.


This blog post has shown that Zechariah was approximately sixty-years-old when John the Baptist was born. This is an important fact to consider when looking at the story of Jesus’ birth and how it fits into ancient Jewish culture. It shows us that even though Zechariah was elderly at the time, it still proved to be a miraculous event for both him and his wife Elizabeth in having a son against all odds.

We can draw encouragement from this example as we seek God’s will in our own lives regardless of age or circumstance.

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