How to Calculate Crit Value Genshin

To calculate Crit Value Genshin, you need to first find out the character’s base Critical Rate. This can be found in their Character Info section of the game. Once you have this number, multiply it by 100 and then divide it by 90.

Then add 10% of that result to get your Crit Value Genshin. For example, if a character’s base Critical Rate is 50%, then 50 x 100/90 = 55.5 + 5.5 (10%) = 61%. This would be their Crit Value Genshin for that character!

  • Determine the total number of Crit Hits that you want to achieve in Genshin Impact
  • This can be done by checking your current level and then calculating the amount of Crit Hits needed for each level up
  • Next, calculate your character’s base critical rate (without any buffs or bonuses)
  • This is usually around 5% for most characters, but varies depending on your specific character build and weapon type
  • Calculate the percentage increase from all applicable passive skills and equipment bonuses that will affect your crit rate
  • For example, if you have a set bonus which increases crit rate by 10%, then add this to the base critical rate calculated in step 2 to give an adjusted crit rate with bonuses applied
  • Finally, multiply the adjusted crit rate (from step 3) with 100 to get your final Crit Value Genshin value – this is how many points you need for each hit in order to score a critical hit!

What is Critical Value? – Genshin Impact

How is Crit Value Calculated?

Crit value is calculated by multiplying the amount of damage a champion does in one hit with their attack speed. It is important to note that crit value does not take into consideration any modifiers, such as armor or resistances, which can affect the overall damage output of a champion. The crit value equation would look something like this: Crit Value = Damage X Attack Speed.

In order for champions to maximize their effectiveness and deal more consistent critical strikes, it’s important to understand how crit values are calculated and then focus on items or runes that increase either the damage dealt or attack speed in order to gain an edge over opponents. Additionally, some champions have special abilities that will increase crit chance or strike rate while attacking. Ultimately, understanding how crit values are determined can be key in making sure your champion has enough power behind them to finish off enemies quickly and effectively during combat!

How Do You Calculate Critical Value in Genshin?

Calculating critical value in Genshin Impact is an important part of maximizing your damage output. The way to calculate it is by first looking at your characters base attack stat and then adding all other modifiers (like flat ATK or element bonus). Once you have the total number, multiply that by 1.5x as this will give you the critical hit multiplier for every normal attack.

Finally, take that multiplied number and add it to your character’s current ATK stat to get their overall Critical Value. For example, if a character has 1000 base ATK and an additional 500 from modifiers; after multiplying the 1500 with 1.5x gives us 2250 which when added back onto our original 1000 gives us 3250 – this is our Character’s final Critical Value! Optimizing this value can make a huge difference when doing high-level content so be sure to keep track of these numbers and use them wisely!

How Does Crit Value Work in Genshin?

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game that has been gaining more and more popularity recently. One of the key aspects of this game is the Crit Value system, which allows players to increase their damage output in combat by increasing the chance for critical hits. Crit Value works by calculating a player’s total base attack and then adding bonuses based on certain items or characters they have equipped.

The higher your crit value, the greater your chance of landing a critical hit with each attack you make. It should also be noted that some enemies are resistant to certain types of attacks so it may be beneficial to adjust your equipment accordingly if you wish to maximize your chances of scoring critical damage against them. Additionally, there are various ways players can further boost their crit values such as using specific weapons or artifacts or activating particular elemental reactions during battle.

Knowing how best to use these elements in order to maximize one’s crit value will give any Genshin Impact player a significant edge in combat!

How Do You Calculate the Damage of a Crit in Genshin?

Calculating the damage of a critical hit in Genshin Impact is an important factor for any player who wants to maximize their DPS. It’s relatively simple to calculate, and understanding the mechanics can help you determine which weapons and characters are best for your playstyle. To start, it’s important to understand how crit rate stats work.

Crit Rate determines the percentage chance that a normal attack will be upgraded into a critical hit. The higher this stat is, the more likely it is that you’ll land a critical hit with each attack. In addition to Crit Rate stats, there’s also Crit Damage (or Critical DMG).

This stat determines how much bonus damage you get when landing a crit strike with any weapon or character ability; typically this bonus is around 50%. To calculate total Critical Damage output, simply multiply your base attack power by 1 + (your Crit Damage%). So if your base attack power was 500 and your Crit Damage was 75%, then your total Critical Hit would equal 875 points of damage (500 x 1 + 0.75 = 875).

With these two stats combined – crit rate and crit damage – you can easily calculate exactly how much extra damage potential any weapon or character will bring to battle!

How to Calculate Crit Value Genshin


Genshin Artifact Crit Value Calculator

Genshin Impact’s Artifact Crit Value Calculator is a great tool to use if you are looking to maximize your character’s damage output. It allows you to input the stats of your artifact, as well as any substats, and it will calculate the total critical value for that piece of equipment. With this information, you can then decide which artifacts are most effective for your team and build accordingly.

This calculator makes it easy to see how different pieces of gear affect your overall critical chance and gives players an insight into what kind of setup would work best for their personal play style.

What is Crit Value Genshin

Crit Value Genshin is an attribute found on certain weapons in the game Genshin Impact. It increases the physical damage dealt by your character when attacking enemies, making it an incredibly important factor in combat. Crit Value is determined by a weapon’s stats and can be further increased through ascension or artifacts, allowing players to customize their builds for maximum damage output.

Total Crit Value Genshin

Total Crit Value Genshin is a stat that helps to determine the effectiveness of your character’s critical hits. It can be increased by equipping artifacts and weapons with high crit-rate bonuses, and also by leveling up characters’ talents. Higher Total Crit Values will result in more powerful critical strikes which can turn the tides of battle in an instant!

What is a Good Crit Value Genshin

A Good Crit Value Genshin in the game Genshin Impact is a character’s ability to deal bonus damage with critical attacks. A character’s crit value determines their chance of dealing bonus damage with their normal and charged attacks, as well as elemental reactions triggered by these types of attacks. Higher crit values can be achieved through equipping characters with good weapons and artifacts that increase crit rate or crit damage, allowing for more powerful and effective combos against enemies.

Crit Value Genshin Website

The Crit Value Genshin website is a great resource for those looking to optimize their character builds in the popular online game, Genshin Impact. It provides an easy-to-use interface that allows users to quickly calculate their overall damage output and compare it against different weapon combinations. Additionally, users can take advantage of the site’s comprehensive guides which offer advice on how to maximize effectiveness with each build type.

Finally, there are numerous calculators available which help players determine the best stats for their characters based on specific parameters such as rate of fire or critical hit chance.

Highest Crit Value Genshin

Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG developed by miHoYo that has become increasingly popular since its launch in September 2020. One of the greatest features of Genshin Impact is its Crit Value system, which allows players to deal massive amounts of damage to enemies with a single hit. The highest possible Crit Value in Genshin Impact is 9999, and it can only be achieved through specific characters and builds.

While achieving this value requires considerable effort, it can provide great rewards for dedicated players who manage to unlock it.

60 Crit Value Genshin

The 60 Crit Value Genshin is a unique stat found in the popular game Genshin Impact. It is an indicator of how much damage a character can do with critical hits and it increases with each level up. The higher the number, the more powerful your character’s critical strikes will be.

Additionally, certain weapons can boost this value even further, making them ideal for characters who want to maximize their damage output.

Crit Value Genshin Circlet

The Crit Value Genshin Circlet is a powerful accessory in the popular game, Genshin Impact. It increases character’s Critical Rate by 12%, making it an ideal choice for players who favor critical hits and damage. Additionally, its unique effect gives it an edge over other accessories as it adds 4% more Crit DMG than what most other accessories provide.

With its great stats and unique effects, the Crit Value Genshin Circlet is an excellent addition to any player’s arsenal of weapons and armor!


In conclusion, calculating Crit Value in Genshin Impact is a straightforward process. If you know the basic mechanics and understand your characters’ stats and talents, you can easily calculate crit value for each character and adjust accordingly to maximize their performance. Knowing how to calculate Crit Value is an essential part of optimizing your team composition and achieving success in Genshin Impact.

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