How to Change the Gps Voice on Iphone

To change the GPS voice on an iPhone, open the Settings app and select ‘Maps’ from the menu. Then tap on ‘Driving & Navigation’ and scroll down to find ‘Voice Volume’. This will allow you to adjust the volume of your GPS voice directions.

You can also select a different language for your navigation instructions by tapping on Languages & Regions and selecting one of the available languages. Finally, under Voice Type, you can choose between male or female voices for your navigation assistance. When you have finished making changes, press ‘Done’ in top right corner of screen so that new settings are saved .

  • Open the Settings app: On your iPhone, tap on the Settings icon to launch the app
  • Select General: Scroll down and select “General” from the list of options in the left-hand menu
  • Tap Accessibility: Underneath “General” you will find Accessibility – tap it to open its page
  • Select Spoken Content: Scroll down until you see “Spoken Content” and select it to enter that page of settings
  • Change Voice Gender & Language: You will now be able to choose between Male or Female voices as well as different languages for spoken directions when using GPS navigation apps like Apple Maps or Google Maps on your iPhone device

How to Change Gps Voice on Iphone to Your Own Voice

If you’re using an iPhone, it is possible to customize your GPS navigation experience by changing the voice that speaks directions. To change your GPS voice on an iPhone, open up Settings and select Maps. From there, scroll down to Navigation Voice Volume and choose if you’d like the volume high or low.

Next, tap on the option for Change Guidance Voice; this will allow you to pick from a variety of voices as well as record your own voice with Siri’s help! With these steps you can easily personalize your GPS navigation experience with a custom-made vocal guide!

How to Change Voice on Maps Iphone 13

If you’re using an iPhone 13, changing your voice on maps is easy! Simply open up the Maps app, navigate to Settings and then select ‘Voice’. From here you can choose from a variety of different voices including male or female accents as well as languages.

You can also preview each option before making your selection. Once happy with your new voice setting, simply press Save and enjoy navigating your way around with ease!

How to Change Voice on Iphone Maps Ios 15

If you want to change the voice on your iPhone Maps app in iOS 15, open the Settings app and choose Maps. From there, scroll down until you see “Voice” and tap it. You will be presented with a list of available voices to choose from; simply select the one that best suits your needs!

How to Change Voice on Maps Iphone 11

If you’re using an iPhone 11 and want to change the voice on your maps, it’s easy to do. First, open up your Maps app and go to Settings. From there, select Voice & Navigation, then choose a different voice for the navigation instructions.

You can also adjust the volume of the spoken directions here if desired. Once you’ve made your selection, be sure to hit “Done” at the top-right corner of the screen so that your changes will take effect!

How to Change Iphone Maps Voice to Female

If you’re looking to switch up your iPhone Maps experience, you can easily change the voice of your navigation system from male to female. To do this, open the Settings app on your iPhone and select Maps > Driving & Navigation. Then scroll down until you see Voice Volume and tap it to select either Default Voice (male) or Alternate Voice (female).

Once selected, hit Done in the top right corner of the screen and your new voice should be set!

How to Change the Gps Voice on Iphone



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How Do I Change the Gps Voice on My Iphone

If you’re looking to add a bit of personality and pizzazz to your GPS navigation, changing the voice on your iPhone can be an easy way to do this. All that is required is just a few simple steps. To begin, open up the Settings app on your iPhone and navigate down until you get to Maps.

Once there, select Driving & Navigation at the bottom of the page then tap on Voice Volume. From there you’ll see two options: Siri Voice or System Voice. Selecting either will allow you access to all of the available voices for both genders that are pre-installed with iOS 14 (or later).

You can also purchase additional voices if desired from Options located directly below each gender’s list of available voices. Preview any selected voice before committing by tapping on Play next to it so you know exactly what it sounds like in action! After choosing one, simply exit out of settings and start navigating – enjoy hearing a different voice as directions guide you along!

To Change the Gps Voice on Your Iphone, Go to Settings > Maps And Select Navigation Voice Volume to Adjust the Audio Level of Your Navigation Prompts

If you’re looking to change the GPS voice on your iPhone, have no fear; it’s an easy process. To get started, go to Settings > Maps and select Navigation Voice Volume. This will take you to the settings menu where you can adjust the audio level of your navigation prompts.

You’ll be able to choose between low, medium and high volumes levels so that your naviagtion instructions are loud enough for you hear while driving or walking around town. Additionally, if you’d like a different language than English as your navigational guide, there are several options available in this same section that allow for Spanish, French and German languages. With just a few taps of your finger tips in the settings menu, you can easily customize how your iPhone guides you with its GPS technology!

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What Languages are Available for My Iphone’S Gps Voice

The GPS voice on an iPhone is a great way to navigate and make sure you’re always headed in the right direction. While there are many different languages available for your phone, it primarily depends on what version of iOS you have installed. Currently, the most common languages supported by Apple Maps are English (United States), French (Canada), German, Spanish (Spain), Japanese, Mandarin Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) Italian and Dutch.

However, if your device is running iOS 13 or later then it also supports Arabic, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Greek Hebrew Hungarian Malay Norwegian Polish Portuguese Russian Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese and Welsh as well. Additionally if you’re using Apple CarPlay with your iPhone then you can even select from an extensive list of additional languages such as Bengali Cantonese Catalan Croatian Estonian Gujarati Hindi Kannada Korean Latvian Lithuanian Marathi Romanian Slovak Slovenian Tamil Telugu and more! So no matter where in the world you are navigating to – be sure that your GPS voice will help lead the way!

The Languages Currently Available for Selection Include English (Us), Spanish (Latin America), French (Canada), German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese And Korean

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Is There Any Way to Customize a Specific Route’S Instructions With a Different Voice Than What was Set in Settings

Yes, there is a way to customize the instructions of a specific route with a different voice than what was set in settings. This can be done through the use of GPS navigation apps. Many GPS navigation apps such as Google Maps and Waze allow users to select from multiple voices for their turn-by-turn directions.

By selecting an alternate voice for your chosen route, you can completely customize how your trip sounds and make it more pleasant or entertaining based on your preference. Additionally, some GPS navigation apps even offer premium audio content that can be purchased in order to further personalize the experience of using them while navigating a specific route. With this feature, one can also choose music or other audio clips to play when following along with their given route’s instructions instead of having only spoken words guiding them along the way.

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how to change voice on apple maps


Changing the GPS voice on your iPhone can be a great way to make your navigation experience more enjoyable. With just a few taps, you can customize the sound of the voice that guides you around town and beyond. As long as you have an up-to-date iOS version installed, changing the GPS voice is simple and straightforward.

So don’t wait any longer – give your iPhone’s GPS a personalized touch today!

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