How To Configure Godaddy Email In Outlook

To configure your GoDaddy email account in Outlook, open Outlook and go to the File tab. Select Add Account and then choose Manual setup or additional server types. Choose POP or IMAP as the account type, enter your full email address, password and other required information when prompted.

Then click More Settings on the bottom right corner of the screen. On this screen you will be able to change incoming/outgoing server settings, specify ports for connection and SSL encryption if desired. Click OK once all settings are configured properly, then Next on the original popup window until finished configuring your GoDaddy email with Outlook.

  • Open Outlook and click on the File tab in the top left corner of your screen
  • Select Add Account from the list of options, then select Manual setup or additional server types and click Next
  • From the list that appears, choose POP or IMAP as your account type and click Next to continue
  • Enter your name, email address (yourdomainname@godaddyemail) and password for your Godaddy email address into their respective fields and make sure both boxes are checked below this information before clicking More Settings at the bottom right side of the window that opened up after entering this info 5
  • In the Internet E-mail Settings window that opens up next, enter mailoutbound(dot)secureserver(dot)net as Outgoing Server (SMTP), 993 as incoming Port Number, select SSL encryption method for both incoming & outgoing servers & enter smtpout(dot)secureserver(dot)net in Outgoing Server (SMTP)
  • Click OK when finished with these settings 6
  • Go back to Outlook’s initial window where you selected Manual Setup / Additional server types option earlier & hit Next one last time to finish configuring Godaddy Email in Outlook

How to configure godaddy email on outlook 2021

Is Godaddy a Pop3 Or Imap?

GoDaddy is a domain registration and hosting company, so it does not provide POP3 or IMAP services. If you are looking to access your email on a third-party device such as a smartphone or tablet, then GoDaddy can help you set up an email client that uses either of these two protocols. With POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3), all emails sent to the account will be downloaded into the local mail client and stored there.

This means that any interaction with the messages (such as deleting them) will only take place in the local mailbox rather than on the server itself. On the other hand, IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) stores all emails on a remote server and allows for synchronization between multiple devices connected to it at once – meaning changes made in one place will be reflected across all other locations where IMAP has been enabled. Ultimately which protocol you choose depends upon your personal preferences, but both offer reliable ways of accessing your GoDaddy hosted email accounts from remote devices.

How Do I Setup My Godaddy Email on Outlook 365?

Setting up your GoDaddy email on Outlook 365 is simple and straightforward. First, you’ll need to make sure you have an active subscription for Office 365. Once that’s taken care of, open Outlook and navigate to File > Add Account.

Enter your full GoDaddy email address as the username and click Connect. You will then be prompted to enter your password – make sure it is the same one used when creating the account at GoDaddy. After a few moments, Outlook should automatically detect the settings needed for connecting to your mailbox and will ask if you want to use them; hit Yes and wait while they are applied.

Your emails should now start flowing into Outlook! If any further configuration steps are required (such as two-factor authentication or SSL encryption), these can usually be found in the Settings section of your inbox at GoDaddy’s website or via their customer support team if necessary.

How Do I Setup My Godaddy Email in Outlook Windows 10?

Setting up your GoDaddy email in Outlook on Windows 10 is a simple and straightforward process. To get started, you’ll need to open Outlook on your computer and select the File tab from the top left corner of the window. From there, choose Add Account and then enter your GoDaddy account information.

You’ll have to provide a username (typically an email address) along with an associated password for authentication purposes. Once this information is entered, hit Connect and Outlook will begin verifying your credentials with GoDaddy’s servers. After successful verification, Outlook will sync all existing emails from your account into its local database, allowing you to access them directly through the app itself!

If you’d like more control over which folders are synced or how often updates occur, you can customize these settings by selecting Advanced Options underneath Add Account during setup. Finally, once everything has been configured according to your preferences simply click Finish and enjoy using Outlook as normal!

How Do I Open Godaddy Email in Outlook?

Opening GoDaddy email in Outlook is a great way to keep track of all your important emails, contacts and calendar events. With Outlook, you can easily manage multiple accounts from one central location, making it easy to stay organized. To open up your GoDaddy email account in Outlook, the first step is to log into the webmail interface of your GoDaddy account.

Once logged in, click on ‘Settings’, then select ‘Accounts’. Here you will find an option labeled ‘Forward Email From This Account’. Select this option and enter the address for forwarding:

Underneath that selection box, enter your username for the GoDaddy account (usually just your full email address) along with any password associated with it and also check off “Remember Password”. Click save changes when finished and exit out of webmail settings page entirely back onto main inbox page – this will ensure that all future incoming messages are forwarded directly to Outlook automatically; however existing emails should be imported manually by following next steps below: Open Microsoft Office outlook program on computer or use their online version accessible via browser at www office com / setup login – once inside program go under file tab > add new account > manually configure server settings > choose IMAP as type of connection being used > fill out credentials such as Incoming mail server name which would be same “imap-mail outlook com” entered before while setting up forwarder within godaddy plus other details like user name & password again if needed then hit more settings button located right underneath fields filled so far – here make sure Advanced tab has port number set correctly usually 993 ssl encryption ticked if not already done by default etc after checking everything else looks ok press ok twice until getting back into initial screen where we began adding our godaddy e mail now click “check status” see if process went through without errors finally don’t forget save changes & close window .

You have successfully opened up Godaddy email with MS Office outlook!

How To Configure Godaddy Email In Outlook


Godaddy Email Setup Outlook 365

Setting up your GoDaddy email in Outlook 365 is easy and only requires a few simple steps. First, you’ll need to make sure that you have an active Office 365 account. Then, open Outlook 365 and go to File > Add Account.

Enter in your full email address as the username and then enter in the password associated with your GoDaddy account. Once this is done, click Next and wait for the process to finish before continuing onto the next step – configuring server settings for incoming and outgoing mail servers. Finally, verify all of your settings are correct by sending yourself a test message from within Outlook 365.

After doing so, you should be ready to start using your GoDaddy email on Outlook 365!

Godaddy Email Setup Outlook 2013

Setting up your GoDaddy email on Outlook 2013 is an easy process. All you need to do is open Outlook, click the File tab, select Add Account and then enter your information. You can find the server settings in the Email Setup Center of your GoDaddy account.

Once done, you should be able to send and receive emails from Outlook using a secure connection with no problem!

Godaddy Email Setup Outlook 2016

Setting up your GoDaddy email account in Outlook 2016 is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is open the Outlook program, click on “File” from the top menu bar, select “Add Account”, and enter in your GoDaddy email address, password and server information provided by GoDaddy. Once everything has been filled out correctly, click ‘Next’ and Outlook will automatically configure the account settings for you.

Congratulations – you have successfully set up your GoDaddy Email with Microsoft Outlook 2016!

Godaddy Outlook Settings Imap

Godaddy Outlook Settings Imap allows users to securely connect their Godaddy email account with Microsoft Outlook. This is done by configuring the server settings within Outlook, including the incoming and outgoing mail servers, port numbers, and security protocols. With correct configuration of these settings, Godaddy emails can be easily accessed via any device connected to your Outlook account.

Godaddy Email Setup Outlook Android

Setting up your GoDaddy email in Outlook for Android is a fairly straightforward process. First, open the Outlook app and tap on the Menu icon (three horizontal lines) located at the top left corner of your screen. Next, select Settings > Add Account > Add Email Account and enter your full GoDaddy email address as well as its password.

At this point, you will be asked to choose between Exchange and IMAP accounts; select Exchange since it is best suited for Office 365 users like yourself. The next step requires you to fill in some fields with information provided by GoDaddy such as server name, domain\username etc., then hit Done when complete. Once all setup steps are completed, you can start sending and receiving emails from your GoDaddy account through Outlook on Android!

How to Add Godaddy Email to Outlook on Iphone

If you’re looking for a way to easily add your GoDaddy email address to Outlook on an iPhone, the process is quite simple. First, open the Settings app and scroll down until you find the Accounts & Passwords section. Under this selection, tap Add Account and select Outlook from the list of options.

You can then enter your GoDaddy email address and password when prompted. Once completed, Outlook will begin syncing your emails automatically so they are available on both devices.

Godaddy Email Setup Outlook (Windows 10)

The process of setting up Godaddy email on Outlook for Windows 10 is relatively simple. All you need to do is open the Outlook application, click on File in the top left corner of your screen and select Add Account. From there you will be prompted to enter your name, email address and password associated with your Godaddy account into the respective fields.

Once this information has been entered correctly, simply click Next to complete the setup process and you’ll be ready to start sending emails from Outlook!

Setting Up Godaddy Email on Outlook (Mac)

If you’re using Outlook on a Mac to access your GoDaddy email account, the process is surprisingly simple. All you need to do is make sure that Outlook has been configured with your GoDaddy information and settings. Once that’s done, you can open up Outlook and start sending and receiving emails right away!

To get started, go into the “Tools” menu within Outlook for Mac and select “Accounts…” From there, click “Add an Account…” then select the type of email account (GoDaddy) from the drop-down menu. You will then be asked to enter in all of your GoDaddy information including username, password, incoming server address etc., which can be found in your hosting control panel at GoDaddy. After entering in this information correctly, click “continue” and Outlook should automatically begin configuring itself with your info.

Once it has finished setting up everything properly you are ready to go!


In conclusion, configuring your Godaddy email in Outlook can be a simple process if you follow the step-by-step instructions provided. With the correct settings and configurations in place, your emails will have a more professional look and feel to them, giving you added confidence when communicating with colleagues and clients alike.

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