How to Configure Shared Mailbox in Outlook

To configure a shared mailbox in Outlook, first open the Outlook application. Click on File and then select Add Account. Enter the email address of the shared mailbox and click Connect.

Once connected, you can view all emails sent to or from that account in your inbox. To access this account later, go to File > Open & Export > Other User’s Folder and select the name of the shared mailbox. You will be asked for credentials which should be provided by whoever manages that mailbox.

After entering those credentials, you will have full access to that shared mailbox without having to enter them again each time you need it. Lastly, if you want automatic updates from this folder whenever someone sends an item into it, right-click on its name under My Folders section and choose Change Notifications Settings option.

  • Open Outlook and select the File tab
  • Description: This will open the File menu, where all of your Outlook configurations are stored
  • Select the Account Settings option from the drop-down list and then click on the Delegate Access button in the next window that appears
  • Description: This will bring up a new window to configure delegate access for shared mailboxes in Outlook
  • Click Add to open a new dialog box titled Add People/Group which allows you to search for users by name or email address and add them to your shared mailbox configuration list as delegates with appropriate access levels depending on their role within your organization
  • Description: In this step, you can add other users who should have access to this shared mailbox in Outlook as well as set specific permissions based on their roles within your company or organization if necessary
  • Once you’ve added people/groups, hit Apply followed by OK to save changes and close out of both windows respectively before refreshing your inbox (Ctrl + R) so that any newly configured features take effect immediately without requiring a restart of Microsoft Outlook itself! Description: The last step is important because it ensures that all changes made are implemented into outlook instantly so that everyone has immediate access when needed!

How to add additional shared mailbox in outlook 2016|2019|2021 | Adding a shared mailbox in Outlook

How Do You Add a Shared Mailbox in Outlook?

Adding a shared mailbox in Outlook is an easy process, but it does require several steps. First, you’ll need to log into the Office 365 Admin Center and navigate to the shared mailboxes section. Once there, click “add a mailbox” and enter the name of the shared mailbox that you would like to add.

This will trigger your request for permission from your organization’s administrator who will then either approve or deny your request. If approved, Outlook will automatically recognize that this new account has been added and prompt you with any additional setup information such as username and password. From here all you have to do is complete any other settings necessary before logging in with these credentials provided by your admin.

Of course if you need assistance setting up this account or adding more users then it’s best to contact technical support for help in making sure everything runs smoothly.

How Do I Setup a Shared Mailbox?

Setting up a shared mailbox is an easy and convenient way to allow multiple users to access a single mailbox. It allows different team members or departments to share the same email account, so they can communicate with each other easily. Before you start setting up your shared mailbox, there are few important things that you should know.

First of all, make sure that the users who will be accessing the shared mailbox have valid Office 365 accounts with appropriate licenses. You also need to decide which user will be assigned as the owner of the shared mailbox; this person will be responsible for managing permissions and adding additional users when needed. Once these steps are completed, it’s time to create your shared mailbox in Office 365 Exchange admin center using your organization’s administrative credentials.

After creating the mailboxes, assign respective permissions from ‘Access Rights’ tab under ‘Recipients’ option in Exchange Admin Center for each user depending upon their role within your organization; like Send As permission if you want them to send emails from another person name etc.. If everything has been setup properly then each user should be able to login into their Outlook account and access/send emails from new Shared Mailbox as well without any problems.

How Do I Setup a Shared Mailbox in Outlook 365?

Setting up a shared mailbox in Outlook 365 is relatively simple and can be done in just a few steps. First, you need to sign into Office 365 with your administrator account. Then, go to the admin center page and select ‘Users’ from the left-hand side menu.

Click on ‘Shared mailboxes’ under the heading Mailbox permissions, then click Add + button which will display the creation pane for setting up shared mailboxes. You have to enter the name of your Shared Mailbox here along with its alias and select an email address domain (if needed). After that, assign permissions like send as or full access to any user or group who should have access to this mailbox and click Create at last.

Now restart Outlook so it recognizes changes made in Office 365 Admin Center page.

How Do I Manage a Shared Mailbox in Outlook?

If you are looking for an efficient way to manage a shared mailbox in Outlook, there is no need to worry. Managing a shared mailbox can be easy and hassle-free with the right steps. First of all, make sure that you have permission from your administrator or organization’s IT department to access the shared mailbox.

Once permission has been granted, login into your Outlook account and select “Account Settings” from the File menu. From here it is possible to add another account and create a new profile for accessing the shared mailbox. You may then specify which folders within this new profile should be visible when you open Outlook – including those related to emails sent or received by users on the shared mail box.

Additionally, if required, it is also possible set rules or filters on specific email addresses so that only certain types of messages appear in these folders while others remain hidden away until such time as they are needed again. Finally, once everything has been setup correctly it should now be simple enough just to switch between profiles whenever necessary without needing any further intervention from IT staff members or administrators alike!

How to Configure Shared Mailbox in Outlook


How to Add Shared Mailbox in Outlook Desktop App

Adding a shared mailbox in Outlook desktop app is not difficult, and can be done by simply following a few steps. First, open the Outlook application on your computer. In the top left corner of your screen, select File > Account Settings > Account Settings.

Next, select New from the Email tab and fill out the form with information about the shared mailbox email address and password provided to you by your organization’s IT department or system administrator. Once complete, click OK to save your changes and add the shared mailbox as an additional account in Outlook. Finally, to access this new inbox within Outlook desktop app go to “Send/Receive” settings located at File > Send/Receive > Download Address Book then choose Full Details if prompted.

Now you should be able to view emails received from this newly added shared mailbox right alongside any other mailboxes that are connected with your account!

How to Add Shared Mailbox in Outlook 365

Adding a shared mailbox in Outlook 365 is easy and provides a great way to share emails, calendars, contacts and tasks with others. To get started, log into your Outlook 365 account, select the settings icon at the top right corner of the window and choose ‘Options’ from the dropdown menu. From there select ‘Accounts’ followed by ‘Shared Mailbox’ and then click on ‘Add Shared Mailbox’.

Enter in the email address of the shared mailbox you want to add, click save changes and you are all set! You can now access any emails sent or received by that particular mailbox.

How to Add Shared Mailbox in Outlook 2016

Adding a shared mailbox in Outlook 2016 is relatively straightforward. To get started, open your Outlook application and click the File tab at the top of the window. Under Info on the left side bar, select Account Settings then choose to add an account.

From here, enter your email address and password associated with your shared mailbox credentials. Once you submit this information, you will be able to access all emails sent to or from that particular mailbox within Outlook 2016!

How to Add Shared Mailbox in Outlook Web

Adding a shared mailbox to Outlook Web is an easy process that can be done in just a few short steps. To start, log into your Microsoft account and select the gear icon located in the top right corner of the page to open the Settings menu. From there, choose “Mail” and then “Accounts” from the left side of the page.

Next, click on “Add Shared Mailbox Account” and enter the email address associated with your shared mailbox. Finally, press save to complete the process; you should now see your shared mailbox listed under “Shared Accounts” in Outlook Web.

Outlook Add Shared Mailbox Mac

Outlook for Mac users have the ability to add shared mailboxes as an additional account. This allows them to access emails sent and received by other users in the same organization, who have given permission for others to view their mailbox. To add a shared mailbox in Outlook on Mac, simply open Outlook, select File > Add Account from the menu and enter your credentials.

Once authenticated you will be able to access any shared mailboxes that you are granted permission for.

Shared Mailbox Not Showing in Outlook

If you are having issues with a shared mailbox not showing up in Outlook, the first thing to do is make sure that your user account has been granted access to the shared mailbox. If it has been granted access, then open Outlook and go to File > Account Settings > Change > More settings > Advanced tab and make sure that the box for Download Shared folders is checked. Once this box is checked, restart Outlook and your shared mailbox should now be visible.

How to Add Shared Mailbox in Outlook App Windows 10

Adding a shared mailbox to Outlook on Windows 10 is an easy process. All you need to do is open the Outlook app, click “File” in the top left corner, select “Add Account” from the dropdown menu, enter your email address and password when prompted, then select “Advanced Options.” Under Advanced Options, you can choose to add a shared mailbox by selecting “Use Exchange Accounts”, entering the name of your shared mailbox and clicking Add Account.

Once these steps are complete, you should be able to access your shared mailbox right away!

Shared Mailbox Office 365

A shared mailbox in Office 365 is a mailbox that multiple users can use to read and send emails from a common email address. It’s designed for situations where an organization needs to have an inbox that many people can access, such as customer service teams or project coordinators. Shared mailboxes also allow members of the same team to collaborate on tasks more effectively, as they can all view the same messages and contacts.

Additionally, shared mailboxes are cost-effective since you only need one account, rather than purchasing multiple licenses for each user who needs access.


In conclusion, configuring a shared mailbox in Outlook is relatively easy and can be completed with a few steps. By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this blog post, you should now have access to all of your shared mailboxes that you need. If any issues arise while setting up or using the shared mailbox, contact Microsoft support for further assistance.

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