How To Craft A Totem Of Undying

To craft a Totem of Undying, you will need a Minecraft Netherite Ingot and four blocks of Soul Sand. Place the four blocks of Soul Sand in the shape of a square on the ground. Place your Netherite Ingot in the center.

Then use an enchanted golden apple to activate it by right-clicking on top of the ingot. When you do this, all players within 5 blocks will be protected from death when they hold their totem in their hand. You can also place any effect such as fire resistance or strength onto your totem by using another item while having your Totem selected.

This is how one crafts a Totem Of Undying!

  • Gather Materials: You will need a diamond, an emerald, a nether star and four blocks of soul sand to craft your totem of undying
  • Craft the Totem Base: Place the four blocks of soul sand in a square formation on the crafting table
  • This will create one block of soul soil which is necessary for crafting the base for your totem
  • Add Diamonds and Emeralds: Add two diamonds and one emerald to any open spots on the crafting table grid except for the center spot which should remain empty at this point in time
  • Place Nether Star: Take your Nether Star and place it into that empty center spot on the crafting table grid so it sits directly above all other items already placed there previously (diamonds/emeralds)
  • This completes the construction of your Totem Of Undying!

How to Craft Totem of Undying in Miecraft PE/Bedrock/Java Craft Totem of Undying

How Do You Get the Totem of the Undying?

Getting the Totem of the Undying is no easy task, but it can be done. To get this powerful item, you’ll need to locate an End City and then use a special Eye of Ender to find the gateway portal. Once in the End City, search for one of the tall obsidian towers that have a dragon egg atop them.

Inside each tower is an End Crystal which must be destroyed in order to access the totem. When you’ve destroyed all four crystals and opened up your path to getting the totem, you’ll need to face off against some formidable foes – evokers and vexes! You’ll want plenty of weapons at hand as these mobs will prove quite challenging even if you’re well-equipped with armor and enchantments.

After defeating them all, take care not to fall into any pitfalls or lava pits as these can cause significant damage or death before reaching your goal: The Totem Of The Undying! With it, enjoy its powerful ability of allowing players who die while holding onto it enter a ghostly state instead where they will remain alive until they reach 0 hearts again – after which point it dissipates away from their inventory. Best of luck out there!

Can You Make a Totem of Undying Farm?

Yes, you can make a Totem of Undying farm! This is a great way to get more Totems of Undying in Minecraft and it’s relatively easy to set up. To start, you’ll need an area with lots of mobs that spawn frequently.

You’ll also want some fences or walls so the mobs don’t wander too far away from where the Totem will be placed. Once everything is in place, all you have to do is craft a few Totems and place them around your mob farm. When mobs are killed near one of these Totems, they will drop their loot as well as an additional Totem of Undying!

With enough Totems scattered around your mob farm, this should give you plenty of extra protection when facing off against hostile creatures. So why not try setting up a Totem of Undying farm today?

Can You Place a Totem of Undying in Minecraft?

Yes, you can place a Totem of Undying in Minecraft! A Totem of Undying is an item that was added to the game with the 1.11 ‘The Exploration Update’ and it has some pretty powerful abilities. When placed on the ground, a Totem of Undying will protect its user from death once per use, transforming them into a zombie while retaining all their inventory items!

The totem must be used up when this happens and cannot be reused until another one is acquired or crafted. It is also possible to craft multiple Totems at once using four Soul Sand blocks and five bones arranged in a specific way around an Enchantment Table. This makes it easy for players to stock up on these valuable items for future use!

How Many Times Can Totem of Undying Be Used?

The Totem of Undying is an incredibly powerful item that can be used to ward off death. But how often can it be used? The answer may surprise you.

According to Minecraft Wiki, the Totem of Undying has unlimited uses. That means players can use it as many times as they want without having to worry about running out or needing to find a new one every time they die. While this sounds like great news for players who are constantly dying in-game, there’s still an important caveat: each use requires an Ender Pearl, which must be obtained before attempting to use the totem again.

So while you won’t have any problems with finding enough Totems of Undying, you will need plenty of Ender Pearls if you plan on using this powerful item frequently!

How To Craft A Totem Of Undying


How to Get Totem of Undying from Raids

Raids are one of the best ways to get a Totem of Undying in Minecraft. Raids happen randomly and consist of Pillagers attacking villages, complete with an Illager Beast at the center. If you manage to survive the raid and defeat the Illager Beast, it will drop a Totem of Undying that can be used to revive yourself when killed by damage from fire or explosions.

How to Get Totem of Undying

To obtain a Totem of Undying, you’ll need to kill an Evoker mob which is found spawning in the game world. Evokers spawn only from level 11-16 and will drop a Totem when killed. You can also find them inside some Woodland Mansion structures, so make sure to keep an eye out for these rare mobs!

How to Get Totem of Undying Bedrock

Getting a Totem of Undying in Bedrock Edition can be quite tricky, as it is much rarer compared to the Java version. The best way to get one is by looting an evoker’s chest after defeating an Evoker mob found in woodland mansions or raids. Once you have defeated the Evoker, search its inventory for a Totem of Undying and you will have your item!

How to Use Totem of Undying

Using a Totem of Undying is simple. All you need to do is right-click the totem in your hand and it will apply an effect that gives you temporary immunity from death, allowing you to survive any damage taken while the effect is active. The Totem of Undying also provides Resistance and Fire Resistance for five minutes after activation, so make sure to take advantage of this before it runs out!


Overall, crafting a Totem of Undying is a great way to ensure your Minecraft character stays alive for as long as possible. The steps are easy to follow and can be completed in no time at all. With the help of these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy playing your favorite game with an extra layer of protection from death!

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