How to Craft Master Balls in Pixelmon

To craft a Master Ball in Pixelmon, you will need to find an Anvil and use it to combine three rare Candies with one Ultra Ball. Once the items are placed in the Anvil, right-click on it with an empty hand. This will start the crafting process, which takes about 10 seconds.

When it’s done, you will have a single Master Ball ready for use! The Master Ball is an especially valuable item as it has a 100% chance of catching any wild Pokémon when used (as long as they aren’t holding a Shed Shell or similar item). Be sure to save them for important catches; this ball cannot be bought or crafted again!

  • Collect the required materials: To craft a Master Ball, you will need 12 Dusk Balls and 1 Hyper Ball
  • Gather the necessary tools: You will also need an Anvil, Crafting Table, and Furnace to complete this recipe
  • 3
  • Place the Dusk Balls in your crafting table: Place all 12 of your Dusk Balls into the top three squares of your crafting table
  • This should result in four sets of 3xDusk Balls each in a row on top of one another when completed correctly
  • Add the Hyper Ball to your Crafting Table: Put the Hyper Ball into any empty slot below where you placed all 12 Dusk Balls into earlier (not including slots already occupied by them)
  • This will create two stacks that look like 3xDusk + 1xHyper at their base when done correctly! 5
  • Move both stacks to an Anvil or Furnace: Take both sets from step 4 and place them together at either an Anvil or Furnace – whichever is available to you – so they merge into one larger stack with 6xDusk + 2xHyper visible on it’s sides as its ingredients for crafting a single Master Ball item later down this process! 6
  • Craft your Master Ball using a Furnace/Anvil: Activate whichever device was used from step 5 with coal/wood fuel inside it so that it can be heated up enough for creating items like our desired final product – A single pixelmon-crafted master ball! Wait until completion & voila; Your very own crafted masterball is ready now 🙂

How to Craft Master Balls in Pixelmon!!!#shorts

How Rare is Master Ball in Pixelmon?

The Master Ball is an incredibly rare ball in Pixelmon that offers a 100% chance of capturing any wild Pokémon it is used on. While the chances of finding one are slim, they are not impossible. It can be obtained through various means such as beating certain bosses or winning tournaments, purchasing from special vendors throughout the game world, or unlocking specific achievements and rewards.

The odds of obtaining a Master Ball will vary depending on which method you use to obtain one; some methods may require more time and effort than others to acquire one. Nonetheless, with enough patience and luck, you should eventually come across a Master Ball in your journey.

Can You Craft Park Balls in Pixelmon?

Yes, you can craft park balls in Pixelmon! Park Balls are a type of Poké Ball that is crafted using the Crafting Table. To make them, you will need one Apricorn, two Iron Nuggets and one Redstone Dust.

Once all the items have been added to the Crafting Table Grid, it will create a single Park Ball which can be used to catch wild Pokémon. Park Balls are especially effective when catching Grass-type Pokémon due to their increased catch rate within grassy areas like forests or meadows. They also have a higher success rate than other types of Poké Balls when trying to capture rarer species of Pokémon as well as Legendary ones.

So if you’re looking for an edge while hunting some wild creatures in Pixelmon then crafting your own Park Balls might just do the trick!

What is the Best Way to Get a Master Ball in Pixelmon?

The Master Ball is one of the most sought-after items in Pixelmon. It allows players to catch any wild Pokemon without fail, making it an incredibly powerful tool for catching rare and legendary creatures. Unfortunately, obtaining a Master Ball can be difficult as they are not available through regular gameplay.

However, there are several ways that you can get your hands on a Master Ball in Pixelmon. The first way is to purchase one from the Poke Marts located in each town or city throughout the game world. This will cost you some money but if you’re willing to spend a bit extra then this should be your go-to option for getting a Master Ball.

Alternatively, you can also obtain them by completing special research tasks or participating in competitive tournaments and events where they may be rewarded as prizes – although these methods tend to require more time and effort than simply buying one outright from the store! Finally, another great way to acquire a Master Ball is via trading with other players who may have extras lying around – just make sure both parties agree on fair terms before going ahead with any trades!

What is the Recipe for a Master Ball?

Master Balls are the most powerful type of Poké Ball available in Pokémon games. They have a 100% catch rate for any wild Pokémon, making them invaluable when it comes to capturing rare or legendary creatures. The recipe for crafting this mighty item is shrouded in mystery and only few trainers know how to make one.

To craft a Master Ball, you’ll need Ultra Balls x10, Luxury Balls x3, Timer Balls x3, Dusk Stones x2 and an Everstone. Start by combining two Dusk Stones with an Everstone until they form into a single object called the Infinity Stone. Then mix together 10 Ultra Balls and 3 Luxury balls in a mortar until they become one thick paste-like substance known as Prime Paste.

Finally combine the Infinity Stone along with the Prime Paste and three Timerballs together inside a Poké Ball mold, then bake at high temperature for several hours before allowing it to cool down completely outside its mold once finished baking – voila! Your very own homemade Master Ball is now ready for use!

How to Craft Master Balls in Pixelmon


Pixelmon Master Ball Cheat

Pixelmon Master Ball Cheat is a popular cheat used by players of the game Pixelmon to gain access to rare and powerful Pokémon. By using this code, players can spawn any legendary creature in their inventory, as well as increase their chances of hatching eggs with more powerful creatures inside them. This cheat is fairly easy to use, but it should be used with caution due to its potential for game-breaking effects if abused.

Pixelmon Master Ball Drop Rate

Pixelmon Master Balls have a drop rate of 0.01%. This means that when you are playing Pixelmon, if you try to catch a Pokémon with a Master Ball, there is only a 0.01% chance that it will actually work and the Pokémon will be caught. As such, it’s important to save your Master Balls for those rare occasions when you really need them!

Pixelmon Master Ball Loot

Pixelmon Master Balls are special items that can be used to capture rare and powerful wild Pokémon. They have a 100% chance of capturing any Pokémon, regardless of level or stats, making them extremely valuable in the world of Pixelmon. Additionally, they also drop as loot from certain bosses when defeated.

This makes them not only uncommon but also highly sought after due to their rarity and usefulness.

Master Ball Pixelmon

The Master Ball is an incredibly rare Pokeball found in the world of Pixelmon. It has a 100% capture rate, meaning it will always succeed in capturing any wild Pokemon encountered. The Master Ball can only be obtained through very specific criteria and requires an enormous amount of effort to get one.

However, once you have a Master Ball, it can be used to guarantee that no matter what wild Pokemon you encounter, they will become part of your team!

Master Ball Lid Pixelmon

The Master Ball Lid Pixelmon is a powerful Poké Ball that can capture any Pokémon without fail. It was first introduced in the game series as part of Generation I, and has been a staple item for trainers ever since. Unlike other Poké Balls, it won’t break even when used on an extremely strong or legendary Pokémon.

When playing the popular modpack Pixelmon, you’ll be able to craft your own Master Ball using a combination of Apricorns, Iron Bases and Discs. With its power guaranteed to catch any Pokémon you encounter in the wild, this rare item is certainly worth having!

Master Chest Pixelmon

The Master Chest Pixelmon is a special item found in the popular game, Pixelmon. It is used to store items and Pokémon, allowing players to quickly access them when needed. This chest can be crafted by combining four Iron Blocks with one Diamond Block.

When opened, it has 27 inventory slots for storage of any kind. The Master Chest also features an auto-sort function that arranges all stored items into separate categories such as Poké Balls, Potions, Berries and more for easy retrieval.

Pixelmon Ultra Ball

The Pixelmon Ultra Ball is a specialized Pokeball designed to be more effective at capturing rare, difficult-to-catch Pokemon. It has a higher success rate than regular Pokeballs and can also be used to capture Legendary Pokemon. The Pixelmon Ultra Ball is crafted with an iron base and yellow top to represent its increased strength and power compared to other Pokeballs.

How to Craft Ultra Balls in Pixelmon

Crafting an Ultra Ball in Pixelmon is a simple process that requires just four items: a Poke Ball Disc, an Iron Base, an Apricorn, and a Red Apricorn. To make the Ultra Ball, first place the Poke Ball Disc in one of your crafting slots. Then add the Iron Base to another slot and combine them together to create a Lid.

Finally, place both the regular Apricorn and Red Apricorn into two separate crafting slots and combine them with the Lid to craft the finished product – your very own Ultra Ball!


Crafting Master Balls in Pixelmon is a fun and easy process that anyone can do. With the right materials, players will be able to craft their own Master Ball in no time at all! Not only does crafting your own ball give you complete control over which Pokémon you catch, but it also provides an enjoyable challenge for gamers of all levels.

Crafting Master Balls is just another way for people to enjoy playing Pixelmon, so why not give it a try?

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