How To Delete A Question On Chegg

1. Log in to your Chegg account. 2. Go to the question page with the question you want to delete. 3. Click on “Edit” button located next to the title of the question and select “Delete Question” from drop-down menu that appears after clicking Edit button .

4. Confirm your action by clicking on “Delete this Question” option when asked for confirmation if you really want to delete it or not . 5. You will be taken back to main questions page where deleted question will no longer appear and have been successfully deleted from Chegg platform permanently .

  • Log in to your Chegg account: Go to the Chegg website and enter your login information into the provided fields on the homepage
  • This will allow you access to your account so that you can delete a question
  • Open My Questions page: Once you are logged in, click on “My Questions” located at the top of any page or go directly to the URL https://www
  • chegg
  • com/my/questions
  • This will open up a new page where all of your questions are listed with their respective answers and details about them 3
  • Find the Question you want to Delete: Now scroll through this list until you find the specific question that needs deleting then click on it once located 4
  • Click Delete Button: Next, look for an icon with three dots (
  • ) next to it and when clicked should reveal a dropdown menu containing various options; one of which should be labeled “Delete”
  • Select this option then confirm by clicking “Yes” at prompt window asking if sure wish to delete question permanently from listing 5 Confirm Deletion Process: Finally, wait until process completes successfully along with message displayed indicating deletion was successful

How to delete a Question on Chegg

How Do You Delete a Given Answer on Chegg?

If you have posted an answer to a question on Chegg and would like to delete it, there is a straightforward process for doing so. First, log into your Chegg account and navigate to the page where your answer was posted. Click on the “Actions” button next to the answer that you want to delete.

You will then be presented with two options: Edit Answer or Delete Answer. Select “Delete Answer” and confirm this selection when prompted in order for your answer to be removed from the site permanently. Once deleted, other users will no longer be able to view or interact with this post any longer.

It’s important to note that while answers can be edited after they are posted, removing them completely is not possible without deleting them via this method.

Does Deleting Your Chegg Account Delete Questions?

Deleting your Chegg account will not delete the questions that you have asked or posted on the platform. Once a question is posted on Chegg, it remains visible to other users even after you delete your account. This means that if someone searches for a particular question, they can still find it even if the user who initially asked the question no longer has an active profile.

However, deleting your Chegg account does mean that any answers provided by you will no longer be available and any points earned from those answers will also be lost. Additionally, once deleted all of your personal information such as name, email address etc., is permanently removed from our system and cannot be retrieved by anyone else unless specifically requested through our Customer Support team with valid identity verification documents.

Can I Edit a Question I Posted on Chegg?

Yes, you can edit a question that you posted on Chegg. You just need to log-in with your Chegg account and then go to the “Questions” tab. There you will see all of the questions that you have asked so far.

To edit a question, simply click on it and select the “Edit Question” option from the dropdown menu that appears at the top right corner of your screen. From there, you will be able to change anything about your question such as its title or content. Once done, just hit save and your edited version will appear in place of the old one!

How Do I Delete My Chegg Search History?

If you are looking to delete your search history from Chegg, it is fairly easy. The first step is to log into your account and head over to the “Settings” page. Once there, click on the “Clear History” button which will remove all of your past searches from Chegg’s database.

Additionally, if you want a more targeted approach in deleting certain entries or types of entries, you can use the advanced search function where you can enter specific keywords that will then be excluded from any future searches. Lastly, for those who wish to take an extra measure in privacy protection, they can also choose to limit how long their personal data is kept by Chegg by setting up a time limit within Settings as well. By taking these few simple steps, users have complete control over their online privacy when using Chegg services and can rest assured knowing that their searches remain private and secure.

How To Delete A Question On Chegg


If I Delete My Chegg Account Will My Questions Be Deleted

If you choose to delete your Chegg account, your previously asked questions and their answers will be deleted as well. This means that if you decide to come back to Chegg in the future, any saved information from past searches will no longer be available. It’s important to keep this in mind before taking the step of deleting an account on Chegg.

How to Delete Question on Chegg Reddit

If you have mistakenly posted a question on the Chegg Reddit page and would like to delete it, you can do so by visiting the post you wish to delete and clicking on “Delete Post” in the bottom right corner. This will remove your question from view, however there may still be cached copies of your question online.

How Long Does It Take Chegg to Delete a Question

It generally takes Chegg 24-48 hours to delete a question. However, if the question was recently posted or contains inappropriate content, it may be removed from the platform more quickly. Additionally, in some cases the process of deleting questions can take up to 7 business days or longer depending on how busy they are and other factors.

Chegg Content Removal Request

Chegg is a popular website that provides students with digital textbooks, study resources, and test prep materials. If you find content on Chegg’s website that you believe infringes upon your copyright or other intellectual property rights, you may submit a Content Removal Request to have it removed from the site. To do so, simply provide Chegg with details about the infringing material – such as its URL, title, author name – and explain why it violates your rights.

Your request will then be reviewed by a specialist who will determine whether or not the content should be taken down from the website.

How to Edit Question on Chegg

Editing questions on Chegg is easy! First, log into your Chegg account and find the question you want to edit. Once you have located it, click the ‘Edit’ button that appears next to the question.

You can then revise or add details as necessary and save your changes. Make sure to double-check all of your edits before submitting them so that they are accurate and complete!

How to Unlike on Chegg

If you’ve found a question on Chegg that you no longer need help with, it’s easy to unlike the post. Simply click on the ‘Unlike’ button beneath the post and your like will be removed. This is a great way to keep track of questions you have already seen and don’t want to see again.

Are Questions Anonymous on Chegg

Yes, questions on Chegg are anonymous. They don’t require any personal information or identification before you can post a question. All the users have to do is enter their subject and explain the issue they’re facing.

This anonymity allows people to ask questions without feeling embarrassed about not knowing something. It also encourages open communication between experts and those seeking help on various topics.

Can You See Who Posted a Question on Chegg

Chegg is a great resource for students looking to get help with their homework. Unfortunately, it is not possible to see who posted a question on Chegg as the platform allows users to post anonymously. However, if you are able to answer the question or need more clarification, you can message the user directly and they may be willing to reveal their identity.


As the popularity of Chegg continues to grow, it is important to understand how to delete a question from this website. This blog post has outlined the step-by-step process for deleting a question on Chegg, covering topics such as navigating the user interface and learning about refund protocols. Following these instructions should allow users to easily remove unwanted questions from their account and ensure that they are getting the most out of using this online platform.

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